"Why Sony is going with Gaikai" - Ep. 11 of The Rant is Go!

Sony is in talks with Gaikai or OnLive as rumors have it. In this episode of The Rant is Go I’m going to dis­cuss who they’re talk­ing to, why, and what that means for PlaySta­tion Plus and Vita.

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GribbleGrunger2389d ago

i'd have to agree with everything mentioned here. it's not 100% likely but it's damned close.

raytraceme2388d ago

Also lets not forget that microsoft owns skype yet it's still on the vita.

yesmynameissumo2388d ago

Samsung Cloud Gaming is powered by Gaikai. Samsung and Sony aren't exactly pals. It's going to be Sony and OnLive.

CaptainMarvelQ82388d ago

so what? if it was the other way around,as in samsung powering gaikai then it make sense but that's not the case.

psp2roundup2388d ago

Sony+Gaikai or whoever = PlayStation Games Unlimited, I have no problem with that, whoever powers it.

supremacy2388d ago

cant wait til Monday, make it happen Sony.