One Year Later, Did Microsoft Keep Their E3 2011 Promises?

Kotaku: For the fourth year in a row, we're comparing E3 hype to gaming reality. On Tuesday, we looked at Sony. Yesterday, we investigated Nintendo. Today, we wrap up with a look at Microsoft's E3 2011 promises.

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Tired2391d ago

Ah Kate Cox...smashing her face into the keyboard producing more drivel.

I was shouted at for pointing out her last article regarding Sony and their promises was full of bias. But look here's the proof.

Whenever the silly little girl perceived Sony to have lied wrote in CAPS...promises NOT kept. Only nearly all the times that occurred it has to be concluded with ......yet.

What happens to any Microsoft promises that are not 100% met?

Completely unknown.

Not one single...promises NOT kept!
Hardly fair Ms Cox.

Where was Sony's, Pending or Mixed?

How come Msoft gets a free ride?

How can anyone claim that the previous article WASN'T biased?

Do people have journalistic standards anymore?

Shouldn't this be 'opinion' rather than 'article'?

Shadonic2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

you mad bro ? Aww im joking honestly the minecraft is the only promise not kept in my opinion,the rest are spot on considering that their dates are set for this year and they haven't come out yet. The completely unknown is also ok seeing as there was talk and acknowledgement of the game in articles and there's still a lot of time before release.

BrianG2391d ago

I agree with you, but at the same time he does have a valid point.

The previous article was clearly written in a negative connotation towards Sony. Emphasizing the "NOT" etc...

Because the same can be said for Sony's promises. Example: "LBP Vita, Pending release this summer". Instead it was more like "LBP Vita, Promise NOT kept......yet, releases this summer."

At the end of the day its a MS article, so Sony shouldn't be mentioned anyhow. But the article was written with a clear bias.

ronin4life2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Unless, of course, criticism caused her to change the approach of these articles.
There is also a difference between NOT kept yet and pending...

For example, if Sony said LBP would release ""by e3 2012", and didn't, that would be a broken promise, but the game is still coming. If Microsoft said a game had a release of TBD, then it would be pending, as no possible date would had been promised.

I'm not gonna lie here: I do not like Kotaku. But in this instance, I think you're looking for issues and digging a little to deep.

Jazz41082391d ago

Wow just checked out the article and because sony did much worse then micro I imagine this article comments will be full of bashing the website or making excuses or damage control. Gotta love n4g home of well sony fans that hate microsoft since they knocked sony off their high horse and are helping to put sony out of business. I myself think competition is great but I can understand why sony fans don't like MS much as I don't much care for sony and I own there ps3 but most of the damage happening to sony is there own doing. I think Sony will survive but the competition from MS is only going to get more fierce next gen as this gen saw Sony loosing a huge chunk of marketshare.

Wintersun6162391d ago

They kept almost all of their promises, but I personally wasn't very excited about most of them anyway. Especially the emphasis on Kinect put me off.

andron2391d ago

She sums up MS 2011 E3 quite nicely herself at the end:

"So on the whole, not a bad showing for Microsoft. But when you don't announce very much—and last year at E3, they didn't—it's not as hard to keep to your word. An absolutely huge percentage of Microsoft's stage time last year was spent on Kinect features, Kinect games, and Kinect upgrades for Xbox software or existing franchises. The Halo 4 announcement dropped in at the very end, after they thanked everyone for coming."