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New Hitman Trailer Blasted by Haters

Hitman shows class and loyalty to the franchise

Today I have read many articles from all over the internet complaining and moaning about the Hitman Absolution Attack of the Saints trailer that was released yesterday afternoon. Sigh!!! (Hitman: Absolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   771d ago
"and credit should be given to Square Enix" rofl, no, it really shouldnt, there the idiots that are probably responsible for screwing up Hitman

Dropping the MAIN voice actor who has been in ALL the games was a mistake, same as Jesper Kyd, i understand the dudes probably busy doing Assassins Creed but hes more famous for the doing Hitman, im sure he would of worked around it some how, the music is AWESOME it Hitman, its one of the main things i like about the series

I shall rent it, theres supposed to be aanother Hitman in the works, im sure thats what i read
ATi_Elite  +   771d ago
WOW Hot chicks in skin tight clothing carrying guns!

What is there to Hate?
narked  +   771d ago
give them a chance to release and see how things go before you bash.
as for the trailer it is just that... a trailer, something to whet your appetite prior to game release and imo it nails it.
jc48573  +   771d ago
I don't think those haters are really fans of the series. IO has always been a very unpredictable company. I've seen some of this stuff in the past games, so I really don't understand why it took these guys this long to 'react.'

Remember how Max Payne 3 "was" getting all the hate, but Rockstar still carried along.
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user5467007  +   771d ago
I havent really played Hitman much but I can see where people are coming from...I just think that if it happened to me and my favorite franchise I would act the same

They do seem to be taking Hitman in a differen't direction...I don't think it's really fair on the loyal fans of this franchise.

It just seems everytime an old classic franchise gets a sequel this gen it's more then likely that the sequel dosen't really stay true to the franchises past games.

For example

Splinter Cell Conviction
Max Payne 3
Hitman Absolution
Resident Evil 5
Final Fantasy 13

Some are still great games but they don't stay true to their roots which just seems pointless when you aready have an established audience for the game
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Snookies12  +   771d ago
Lol, you forgot DMC too. XD

Yeah though, I've been a fan of Hitman since the first game, but I guess we'll see how it turns out... I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm just not sure if it's a day one buy at this point. Kinda scared it won't be as good as the others for some reason.
Rampaged Death  +   771d ago
How can you say DmC is not sticking to its roots ? All the footage I have seen is everything you would expect from that game. I bet you just can't stand the new character model.
VanillaBear  +   771d ago
@Rampaged Death

dmc...sticking to it's roots LOL

I'm sorry are you seeing a totaly differen't game from us

It's everything but a dmc game

"I bet you just can't stand the new character model."

Oh look at that what every dmc lover says, it's not just about the hair or character model...

Snookies12  +   771d ago
@Rampage Death - You're right, I don't like the character model, but I never said anything about that did I? It's not sticking to its roots at all. If it were, I'd be really looking forward to this game being a huge Devil May Cry fan.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   771d ago
I never played these games... sounds like another franchise that didn't age well...
Krugsy  +   771d ago
"I never played these games..." And that is where you should have left it. Commenting on something you have no knowledge of, is well, kinda silly.
VanillaBear  +   771d ago
Don't act like you've never done that once on here

We all do it

It's not like people stay away completely from an article they havent got a clue about.
Krugsy  +   771d ago
There is a difference between commenting on a topic that is new to you, and presenting an unsubstantiated position.

The franchise is obviously unexplored to him/her, and that is fine, feel free to comment. But trying to make a statement such as "sounds like another franchise that didn't age well", when you haven't even played the game to know that, is what is referred to as an unsubstantiated statement.

If someone said the franchise was crap, and they played it, at least they have had the experience with the game to know it.

I guess I did sound like an ass though.
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Trenta27  +   771d ago
Everything that was in that trailer was very Hitman-ish. The series is filled with stuff like that. Hookers, drugs, strip clubs, you name it. I thought it was a brilliant trailer.
jc48573  +   771d ago
i think some people are offended by the way nuns are portrayed in the video, so they're coming up with some excuse to complain about.

They don't complain about the girls in Max Payne 3 for having a fine ass...(oh yea..)
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ForeignEarth  +   771d ago
Rampaged Death  +   771d ago
I can understand why when people will be looking at that trailer and not liking what image it's giving off. I want to see new gameplay because I have mixed feelings on what I have seen so far.
Ashunderfire86  +   771d ago
I'm just gonna put this song up by the Rapper B.O.B. There are too many haters out here man!!!

Dovahkiin  +   771d ago
This isn't MySpace.
Ashunderfire86   771d ago | Immature | show
mephish  +   771d ago
go back and watch trailers for past HITMAN games.. they focus on Action......... and the devs have stated that you can get a SA rating on all the levels in SA and that the HARDCORE stealth is still there,

and it would be boring to have a trailer of 47 hiding in a closet for 5 min while watching the patterns of the guards....
Nate-Dog  +   771d ago
Won't someone please think of the grammar!
AgreeFairy  +   771d ago
In other words haters that aren't Hitman fans hated on the video much like haters hate on other videos that they're not fans of. Looks like any other Hitman game but better.
ForeignEarth  +   771d ago
bauer007  +   771d ago
incredible trailer! FUCK THE HATERS
GamerElite  +   771d ago
Haters gonna hate, Lovers gonna love.
MasterD919  +   771d ago
Not sure how I feel about this game but I certainly wasn't expecting a trailer like that.

Then again...CGI trailers aren't gameplay trailers. Dead Island anyone?
reznik_zerosum  +   771d ago
internet and gamers are so stupid
iMpuTeD  +   771d ago
everyone that complained is gonna feel stupid when the game comes out and it gets 9's across the board and is the best hitman game to date.

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