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The Controller Online writes: "Only just out of the gate itself, Dragon’s Dogma is already getting a few pieces of DLC. Among others that will net you some gear is the From a Different Sky series that promises a new set of quests each week for eight weeks. With two entries in this series already available we’re able to see this DLC for what it really is. Not much of anything."

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sonicsidewinder2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Capcom being Capcom.

jc485732386d ago

glad I didn't buy it, but people continue to do so. Sad people.

brodychet2386d ago

Lol what? It's a great game. Who cares about their Dlc, that's optional ..

TheLeapist2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

The irony here is I, and I'm sure others who purchased feel the same way, feel sorry for you for being so ignorant as to completely write off a game just because there's a minuscule amount of insignificant DLC on disc. Sad person. You're really missing out.

jc485732386d ago

missing out? You're joking right? This world is full of wonderful stuff. Missing out on one thing won't kill me.

MysticStrummer2386d ago

I see... so you can judge a person "sad" because they bought the game, but it's out of line for them to say you're missing out by not buying it. That makes all kinds of sense to you I'm sure.

Xof2386d ago

It's unclear whether or not jc48573 is talking about the game, or its DLC. (UNCLEAR PRONOUN REFERENCE ALERT!).

His opinion would be... appropriate were he discussing the DLC specifically, and there's no real reason to think he's talking about Dragon's Dogma as a whole given that this article is solely a review of the DLC quests.

Granted, he ~might~ be making that point, but it's not clear enough to start mocking him.

MysticStrummer2386d ago

@Xof - It doesn't matter which he's referring to. If he didn't want people to read and possibly disagree with his opinion/insult, he shouldn't have put it online.

TheLeapist2386d ago

@xof, well since 7 of the 8 pieces haven't even been released plus the fact that he said it and not them I think it's rather safe to assume he's referring to the game rather than all this DLC.

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jc485732386d ago

about the last thing I want to ever deal with is proud Capcom customers. You love the game? cool bro. Have fun with it.

Lucretia2386d ago

and if you hate the game (even though you didnt play it) then stfu and go play COD

TheLeapist2386d ago

Haha. Then why on earth are you posting in the comments section of a Capcom game's article? Kids these days.

mananimal2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

lmao, my thoughts exactly JC48573, & oh by the way Mr. proud Capcom consumers, I know you wont be upset WHEN(not if) CAPCOM turns around & releases a GOTY Edition 6months from now to take advantage of the Holiday sales with ALL the DLC unlocked, nay, Im sure you`ll be just fine with that, wont you? lol