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mafiahajeri2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Really not liking the name. Its a mouthful...

Also they better have the Arkham city Batman costume and you better believe Sub-zero and scorpion will be guest characters ;) Solomon Grundy looks crazy LOL

JohnApocalypse2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I don't like the new Batman costume, He looks like George Cloony Batman

Captain Qwark 92328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

i actually really like it lol, its like the dark knight meets mortal kombat to me.

on that note, the game looks like a lot of fun. ill def pick it up. i can already see a lot of mk influence in there but with an all new cast and a lot of environmental interaction it should be enough to make it its own.

and i for one dont care about how technical a fighting game is, as long as its plays nice and is fun then im happy, i dont and never will have the time or care enough to get pro at it so slightly shallower fighting systems are fine with me, hence mk is still to this day my fav fighter

ill need shaolin monks 2 next, followed by a new mk.

PerpetualMathx102328d ago

ah man 2013? but i guess that was obvious, it seems slowly but surely 2013 went from being an empty gaming year to really having a nice mix of titles on the way hope it comes out earlier next year then later, cant wait to see more!

MehmetAlperTR2328d ago

This game will have TEEN RATING ( Just Like MK vs DC ) because of DC COMICS. There ll be no Fatlity. Well Ed Boon knows it. And he didnt talk about that. Do not interest with this game sorry Mr. Boon. I prefer Shaoling Monks 2 or MK10.

mafiahajeri2328d ago

Shaolin monks was the greatest GOW clone last gen I really hope they make a sequel.

TheMutator2328d ago

im sorry for you mr. mature!!!

bobtheimpaler2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I really love MK9 but as I've said on an MK forum, some MK fans just don't know whats important. They figure unless it has all the MK characters, fatalities and gore, that it's acceptable for the gameplay to suck. They let the tail wag the dog!

Sorry, but MK9 wasn't the success it was because it was bloody, it was successful because they wanted a tournament worthy fighter that just so happened to have blood and gore in it and they delivered.

MK vs DC wasn't a bad game. It's just that it had a lot of flaws with the gameplay, in regard to balance and infinites, though it did have some cool ideas and it was badly supported as Midway died. That said, it played so much better than the MK fighting games on PS2 and XBOX. MKvsDC played smoother and it ditched the style swap system in favour of having unique styles that served each character and allowed people more freedom in playing and coming up with their own combos. Throw in a lack of support from the MK fans simply because of no blood and that's why MKvsDC is what it was.

Injustice looks like a tonne of fun and looks like it's going to be doing something refreshing for the genre....regardless of whether it has a lot of blood or not. There are a lot of MK/fighting game fans excited about this title because of NRS's success with MK9. Don't be so narrow minded.