Xbox Games We'd Most Like To See On iOS, Android

John Bedford (Modojo): There's no doubting that we're spoiled for choice with the variety of AAA games on our home consoles these days, but there are a few treasured games from the previous generation of hardware that we'd love to be able to play on our mobiles. Today we've rounded-up our most-wanted Xbox classics.

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Chrono2386d ago

Dude, Microsoft won't release games on iOS and Android. They have their own Windows Phone.

jaymart2k2386d ago


Cause touch screen gaming sucks for shooters.

MetalGearMetroid2386d ago

OMG so true, How about we get new console versions of these games. Not chopped up, dumbed down, incomplete iOS crap.

I hate all mobile/portable gaming. Even when those games are amazing you KNOW they could be a million times better on a console or PC.

When a super awesome game like SW Battlefronts goes on iOS/mobile, you know you just lost out on what would have been an amazing console experience.

cpayne932386d ago

That's only really true for mobile games trying to be console games though. Usually I don't care about those games at all, but lately I've been playing gurk2 on android. Its perfect for a mobile game.

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