ZTGD | Dragon's Dogma Review

Drew Leachman writes: Capcom has finally decided to take a stab at the hard core RPG genre with a hybrid of Western and Japanese play styles. That game is Dragon’s Dogma, a blend of each styles that Capcom has made their own. The result offers some unique aspects that haven’t been done much in RPGs of the past.

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2116d ago Replies(1)
2116d ago Replies(1)
b_one2116d ago

For me, this game is fantastic and i dont need any reviews to have my own opinion

FrustratedFury2116d ago

There ya go. That's all that matters.

j-blaze2115d ago

oh remember your comment?
"if this game will be DLC Fail-o-rama, i wont buy any Capcom title in other way then bargain bin"

what a joke lol!
so now the game fantastic huh....hypocrisy much?

anyway, so far, it's the best game this year to me, and one of the finest action RPGs ever....Capcom rules!

b_one2115d ago

DLC for DD isnt fail-o-rama like i said, prices are fine and Capcom didnt cut much about gameplay or story, to be honest - where you see hypocrisy?

troll harder or explain.

Flipgeneral2116d ago


Can't stop thinking about this game