Vita Misconceptions

My attempt to explain why gamers are bashing the Vita.

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Snookies122392d ago

Because it's Sony... Just like how people bash Xbox because it's Xbox... Lol, we're all haters in some way or another. The Vita is the most amazing handheld I've ever gotten to use. Having gone through each and every one since that brick of a Gameboy. I don't care about people bashing it for any reason because it really doesn't matter when it's as great as it is.

Titanz2392d ago

But for me - its value (at its current price) isn't. I'm mean, technological speaking - it's a great deal, but no flash memory, and proprietary SD cards? The 3DS comes bundled with 4gigs (2gigs of flash, and a 2gig SD card), a couple of AR cards, NDS playback, and pre-installed software, and consumers still believed that the device was priced out of its range. Now I'm not knocking Vita (far from it), I'm just trying people that all consumers see the device (Vita) in the same light as the rest of us (gamers) do, same goes for the 3DS.

Hisiru2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I have a Vita, I don't regret my purchase but it need more exclusive/original games. I am tired of HD console ports because I will obviously play it on my PS3.

Gravity Rush is the type of experience I want on Vita. Maybe a new Loco Roco and Patapon using Vita's capabilities?

Nobody is bashing the Vita, just saying it need more games.

Baka-akaB2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

"consumers still believed that the device was priced out of its range"

because back then it was expensive , with a 3d gimmick that pretty much everyone touted disabling to play comfortably .

And it didnt feel like a big enough jump , at first graphically wise .

It wasnt either a comfortable mediaplayer ,even if it can do that .

meanwhile people were taken aback by basically the power of the ps3 in your palm , for cheaper than expected . And the initial appeal of 3g .

i'm not statement those things above were necessarily true , just that it's was for many the perception of it back then .

Now personally , i still feel the vita is a more interesting machine hardware wise , while looking forward to both consoles' future games offering .

Only reason i dont have yet a 3ds , since it's now farily priced , would be region locking . This will force me to own two set of 3ds at least , and i'm not yet ready to spend that

darthv722392d ago

people bash things that which they dont have themselves. Until they get one and then their perception changes. I used to see it all the time back in the genesis/snes days.

It has been the same for pretty much each console generation. People bashed the ps3/360/wii until they themselves got one and found that all the bad mouthing really wasnt warranted.

I will admit that I am a 360 fan first and ps3 fan second. That was just how I got them. I poked fun at the ps3 at first because of the misguided ways of sony marketing. I then got one myself and found it to be a great platform.

I dont yet have a vita but Im getting one soon enough. It is a great piece of tech and (to me) the majority of the bashing comes from its selection of software in the face of the ever growing popularity of tablet/phone gaming. Heck...even the 3ds (which is doing better) is facing a similar situation. It is being bought by parents for their kids instead of being bought by the parents for themselves.

Tablets/phones are offering a convenience to those adults who have one and like to entertain themselves with a game or two. The games may not be in the same league as a dedicated gaming platform but you look at the people using them and you will see they represent the majority of the non-gaming public (some would call them casuals).

Does that mean the vita is crap because it doesnt sell to them??? Not in the least. It just means sony didnt forsee the possible shift in portable entertainment. It is a core product in a not so core market.

Or if looked at it from another perspective. The portable market used to be dedicated to the core gamer until it was overrun by the convenience that is smartphones/tablets allowing people the opportunity to play games at their leisure without shelling out the $$$ for a dedicated unit.

Titanz2392d ago

I would understand if it was disagreed upon.

Snookies122392d ago

No no, I get what you were trying to say. The price of the better memory cards are quite outrageous and the main thing holding it back for a lot of people. At least that's what I think.

JoGam2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

As a whole, The Vita is by far "THE BEST HANDHELD EVER" up to this point. And yes the price may be too expensive for some but it doesnt mean its not worth it. Like saying a Porsche is wack because its too expensive and I cant afford it. Once the price drop on the Porsche I may consider it being worth it.

@ majiebeast: OMG the demo of Gravity Rush was amazing. Cant wait for that.

lugia 40002392d ago

I love my vita, but right now I would like more exclusives to come out for it.

majiebeast2392d ago

Hating the vita is what all the cool kids do in the meantime ill be playing Gravity rush.

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MrSega2392d ago

OH! No! More Sony haters!

already tired this fashionable anti sony, where everything the company does is negative.

The vita is poor selling just the same reason that 3ds at beginning, because it is expensive.

Hufandpuf2392d ago

IDK, I'm not a sony basher or an Xbox fanboy, but When I was playing Uncharted 3 at Bestbuy, a lady walked up to me and showed me the Vita. However, I just was not interested and continued to play Uncharted 3.

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