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shodan741695d ago

Looks absolutely fantastic, and not a little epic. Option to play as a winged vampire lord? Count me in...

YxUxNO1695d ago

Skyrim: Castlevania Edition lol

Seriously though, it looks pretty damn awesome

Nimblest-Assassin1695d ago

Now... if they head whips and crossbows then yeah... thats castlevania.

Crossbows look cool though. Wonder how much this will be

CashColeTrain13371695d ago

@Nimblest-Assassin it's 1600 MS points which is 20$ so i'm going to guess this could be fairly huge. (unless us consumers get kicked to the side again)

PerpetualMathx101694d ago

this looks really radd and dark, does remind me of that castlevania style, must be a day for dark iterations of games considering the injustice game looks dark and serious haha.

-GametimeUK-1695d ago

Looks fantastic? To be fair I am a little underwhelmed. I do love me some Skyrim so I may pick it up if it is priced right (which it probably won't be). I was just hoping for a different theme. Let's hope its enjoyable and the content feels jam packed.

Tr10wn1695d ago

It will be 20$ that seems more than right to me, after all is a Bethesda DLC so you should probably put 50 to 80 hours in that DLC alone.

Genghis1695d ago

I like a more themed dlc. Then you can keep adding more interesting story. Maybe you'll like the theme of Hearth Fire more...

lastdual1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

The gothic vampire theme is great, but I do hope we get a decent amount of new land to explore as well.

So far this looks good, but not as expansive as Shivering Isles, and since Bethesda had talked about making Skyrim's DLC more on the scale of an expansion pack, they've set the bar pretty high.

Xof1694d ago

Eh, who knows. Looks to me like they're going to make this expansion take place on an island in the north. Could very easily be just as large, or larger, than Shivering Isles.

I'm more concerned with content--dungeons, environmental design, new enemies/abilities, quests, etc.

Hellsvacancy1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

"Better with Kenect for 360" lol

Ill wait until next year for the GOTY edition

Kurt Russell1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Should...wait...can't...wa it...must...Skyrim...

Snookies121695d ago

Yeah it looks great, I just wish they hadn't signed that stupid agreement for timed exclusivity... I hate that no matter what system they choose. All it does is infuriate people who wanted to play it on another system. Besides, if any got it, rightfully it should have been PC players since they've been here since Elder Scrolls 1. :\

LordHiggens1694d ago

How do you people disagree with this statement? Timed exclusives are stupid as hell...this man has a point. A very very good point. Bethesda hates you PS3 and PC.

MrMister1694d ago

The PS3 version is still crippled by slowdown. They really think PS3 gamers are gonna buy this when they havent fixed it?

bigtrucknd1694d ago

I am so sick of getting the shaft from Bethesda they will never get a dime from me. The Kinect can keep it.

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xyxzor1695d ago

Nice, just wish the game wasn't so buggy.

LAWSON721694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

The game is far from broken and i have had absolutely no bugs where it ruins the game out all 250 hrs i have played

Spenok1694d ago

If I am reading his comment "xyxzor's" correctly, I don't believe he said anything about the game being broken.

It is definitely a buggy game as he says, but definitely not a broken one as you say.

I don't know the exact amount of hours I have put into it (probably somewhere near 100) and haven't experienced the rimlag a lot of people have run into. However I have seen it on my brothers system. It seems to be the luck of the draw.

Great game, if not a little buggy. Maybe a couple more months in the debugging faze would have helped it, maybe not. Otherwise I am completely satisfied with it.

And now on topic, this expansion looks pretty awesome. Vampire focus and everything.

Hmm, now the real question be a vampire, or to be in the Dawnguard?

xyxzor1694d ago

It's borderline broken depending on the system your playing on.

Christopher1695d ago

Guess we won't hear any word on when this will make its way to PC and PS3 until way after E3 so Microsoft can parade this around on their stage.

user54670071695d ago

Not after they parade Black Ops 2 around their stage first

Tr10wn1695d ago

This is the reason i brought both version 360/PC, i wont wait to play Skyrim DLC's i prefer it on PC tho.

InTheZoneAC1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

bought, not brought



LordHiggens1694d ago

To InTheZoneAC



Tr10wn1694d ago

Good job man you are better than me in english, al menos yo se mas de un idioma and beside spanish i know a little and understand di italiano, now talk on your second language oh wait you just know english and trolling nevermind go back to your moms basement.


TheController1694d ago

I could be wrong but, I thought that I read somewhere that it would be only timed for one month.

Christopher1694d ago

That's good news if it's that short. Hopefully we can get a confirmation on that soon. I'm assuming this is just to hype the release during E3, put focus on MS, and then we'll get news on it shortly after E3. If Bethesda wasn't locked into an agreement, I'm sure they'd be telling us the dates now. Luckily, CoD player's aren't forced with this limitation as Activision is allowed to confirm release dates for all platforms regardless of the exclusive early release deal with MS.

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noprin1695d ago

its nice but not that epic
skyrim trailer was epic