Space-action game 'Strike Suit Zero' to be developed by Born Ready Games; new screenshots released

DSOGaming writes: "James Brooksby, founder of doublesix, announced today that Born Ready Games, a brand new games company based in Guildford, has taken over development of the upcoming space-action game Strike Suit Zero. Strike Suit Zero is currently on track for release later this year with the original team continuing their work on the game at Born Ready."

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Godmars2902386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Was looking for news about this game but the last thing, next to it being canceled, is that another studio is doing it.

And FFS; I heard about this last year as a PSN/XBL title. Why is it going to take another year to get it out? It always seems like the earlier I hear about a DL title the more disappointing it eventually turns out.