Will Dead Space 3 Be Another RE5?

With more screenshots being released for horror title Dead Space 3, there's speculation that a number of things will be introduced in the third installment,among which is the possibility of co-op. Is this possibility a good idea, or will the game go the way of Resident Evil 5 and become a more action-oriented game? Cassidee from tries to stay optimistic.

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hiredhelp2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Dead space in my oppinion was never Resident evil it was its own games that brought a true horror appeal to gamers witch many today's games that try to be lack cant seem to get right.
i found dead space 1 and 2 to be 10x more scary than RE5 i find old resident evil series old psx days best ones they were scary.

Show of agrees if you tryed playing the original resident evil in the dark didnt crap yourself. i know i tried failed.

Vandamme212328d ago

Dead Space 1 was awesome.. but Dead Space 2...there was something about it..I didn't like.

Kingscorpion19812328d ago

Dead Space 2 wasn't as scary like Dead Space 1! But Dead Space 2 was still a good game!

IaMs122328d ago

I really like the Dead Space series. While the second was good i felt like something was missing, but it was still good. I just hope that if they are implementing coop that it is purely optional. So its not like RE5 where when you play alone you have a bot following you around.

What i really liked about Dead Space 1 is you felt alone and helpless exploring the unknown of what happened to the ship. Issac was afraid so you felt a little afraid too. I have a feeling Issac is getting too bold and its just turning into another action game without any horror.