What Nintendo Needs To Make E3 A Success

As E3 2012 creeps its way closer once again, we turn our attention to the major game companies we so loyally follow for new games and hardware. E3 this year in particular will be pretty exciting for those interested in next generation consoles. Rumors are spreading like wildfire about the PS4/Orbis, and the Xbox720/Durango being announced at this event, but there lies no rumors regarding the Wii U, Nintendo’s announced and dated next gen console.

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ThePsychoGamer2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

A WiiU price drop? Oh come on, we don't even know the price yet.

Priority for a system that's doing really well sales wise? Sure that makes sense, why have the focus on the new system Nintendo is trying to get gamers excited for. /s


Nintendo coming to E3 with there first region free console would really help them.

Yi-Long2387d ago

... not just the tablet, but one I will also feel comfortable using for racegames, shooters, etc etc.

The Wii U tablet-controller is missing some shoulderbuttons/triggers, right!? Compared to the 360/PS3 controllers!?

yesmynameissumo2387d ago

Yeah, it only has 1 left and 1 right trigger. Besides the tablet controller, you'll be able to use Wiimotes and I think the classic controller. Right now, the control method is the only thing I'm not thrilled with.

jacen1002387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

It isent missing any buttons its like a 360/ps3 controller split in half with a screen in the middle, man u need to do some reading if u dident even know these details about the controller.
The tablet is the same control as u have been using on the ps3/360 all the buttons are in the same place

PopRocks3592387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Actually the Wii U has two pairs of shoulder buttons. The bottom two are just lower than you would expect.

Also how is the Wii U improper? Because of the size or the screen in the middle? Because aside from all of that it has the same functionality of any 360/PS3 controller since it has a D-Pad, four face buttons, two sticks and "Start" and "Select."

--Onilink--2387d ago

it has the same amount of buttons as the 360 and PS3, 4 shoulder buttons, 4 face buttons, start, select, home, d-pad, and if the latests pics are correct 2 analog sticks, which we only need confirmation to know if they are clickable.

darthv722387d ago

its all about functionality. While I would expect the core hardware to be improved I also expect some more details about the tablet controller and its non-gaming functions.

such as if it will have its own internal storage or possibility the inclusion of an SD slot. That way you could use the SD card from the wii-u and play VC or wiiware games on the tablet away from the wii-u itself.

Will there be "apps" specific for it and so forth.

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Akuma-2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Nintendo needs a very powerful system to preview in order to win e3.

Nintendo is supposedly going for the core crowd with the wii u and the core crowd will quickly lose interest if they see tech close to what hd consoles that are available now can do. The wii u should be able to do things like crysis 1 on high specs for pc and if it has marginally better tech then it'll be pointless for most to upgrade to.

The casual hype that supported the wii has dissipated so Nintendo needs to trick the core to buy their wii u. Imo because of the past, Nintendo won't make a powerful enough console that will be noticeable better than hd consoles so I feel like the wii u will be a failure. The casuals and core won't support it enough so that leaves mostly the diehard nes fans and sheep

Nintendo basically needs to bring a ps4 to e3. I'm talking about a system that people will see right away as very powerful , feature packed with a lot of software.

Most playstation fans and non fans who knows what's going on in the gaming industry believes ps4 will be powerful, feature packed and have a lot of games because of playstations track record

Titanz2387d ago

Sony's fanbase (the extremist) is really detrimental to their company. You totally throw me off anything "Sony" with that ill-conceived rant of a statement. Keep in mind, they're also Nintendo and Microsoft extremist, but you "Sony only" guys, really rub me the wrong way (in a metaphorically sense).

I've read articles about how "Sony needs to improve on this aspect of their company," and you guys bombard the author with negative comments! Is Sony your God? Do they have no equal?

I mean, each company has their fair share (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony) of elitist fans, but Sony's camp is by far - the most vocalized out of the three gaming companies.

I would be scared to think about the consequence it would have on gamers, if Sony hypothetically bowed out of the videogame industry.

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful, hate me because I'm an opinionated being, who won't dislike a comment without meaning ;P (tried to end it on a lighter note).

mike1up2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I am just curious. Would you, yourself, actually buy a WiiU if they did everything that you just said?

ATi_Elite2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

......Super Mario running on a WiiU!

Followed by a WiiU Metroid trailer.

then a teaser of WiiU Zelda and that will have the Nintendo crowd screaming and crying in joy.

toss in some Pokemon footage and Bam SUCCESS!!!

(This formula has worked for all other Nintendo consoles so it should work for the WiiU as well)

AWBrawler2387d ago

Let the Nintendo camp say "Amen"

bothebo2386d ago

Yeah that might work at the beginning, but how about a year in? I think it will be similar to the Wii where there are some good first parties at launch but nothing follows. I have to ask. How many Zelda and Mario games will it take for Nintendo fan boys to be sick of Nintendo's first parties? I'm going to be honest when I say Nintendo's first party titles are the only thing giving any of their systems any legitimacy because they don't get third party support.

jacen1002387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

yea ps4 will have the tablet probably, when e3 comes its ps3 game over yes the ps4 will be needed once wii u shows the way

BitbyDeath2387d ago

If by tablet you mean Virtual Reality then i'm all aboard!

bothebo2386d ago

No the PS4 will not use a tablet. Why? Because the tablet controller is turning a lot of people off and adds extra cost to the system when it is not needed. The Wii U will show the way? How? With HD graphics? Already came out with those seven years ago. With great games? Maybe with some first party titles but that's about it. I think you Nintendo fan boys have a lot to worry about. Just as much as us Sony fan boys. If the Wii U and Vita don't get a decent amount of games, the systems are probably dead in the water. Sony has announced a lot of games prior to E3 and they'll reveal more for the Vita at E3. I'm not so sure about Nintendo though. Their line up on Wikipedia is nothing short of awful. Best of luck!

Dlacy13g2387d ago

the only thing Nintendo needs to do at E3 is show/prove that the WiiU is indeed a next gen console that will offer up more than just getting Nintendo to the current level of console performance. If they show the WiiU has some beef to it and will be viable for 3 to 4 years atleast then they have done what they need to imo.

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abzdine2387d ago

A new Zelda for 3DS and a new 3DS model with 2 sticks will make my day :)

AWBrawler2387d ago

I hope to high heaven they never add another circle pad to the 3DS. We'll be screwed into buying the add on then.

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