Dragon's Dogma Delivers With 300,000 First-Week Sales In Japan

They’ll be partying at Capcom tonight as their latest in-house developed action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma has rocketed straight to the top of the Japanese charts with a over 300,00 units sold on Playstation 3.

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Lucretia2363d ago

Sweet. Make that sequel!!!!!!

Spenok2362d ago

Agreed. This game is awesome. Let just hope they get some better voice actors next time lol.

Lucretia2362d ago

lol yeah!!! i'd like to see more than 1 voice used for our pawns too. Everyone has the same voice, so either everyone chooses default or when you summon pawns they all have the same voice.

a slight upgrade in character models wouldn't hurt either but im fine with it being the same

Spenok2362d ago

Oh i'm sure if they make a sequel it will be getting a graphical upgrade for sure. And yes, MORE voice actors would also be extremely welcome. And how about making them shut up every once and a while? Lol, I don't need to hear the SAME comment over and over. ><

Baka-akaB2363d ago

Unlike some people , not even surprised .

2363d ago
Ryo-Hazuki2363d ago

It's a good game. Definitely deserves the sales

ChronoJoe2363d ago

That's pretty damn good.

Weird though since I think their final estimates were well under this, like 0.5m sales worldwide or something silly?

SuperLupe2363d ago

They are aiming for 1.5m worldwide. I think they'll achieve that no problem.

Baka-akaB2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

they always said it would at least break the 1.5 million barrier . It's just the director that used obvious hyperboles in his enthusiasm about selling 10 millions .

Either way , some people were outright saying it would bomb in japan and call those that believed in the game crazy . You wont hear them much for a few days

ChronoJoe2363d ago

Ah. Still 300m in Japan is pretty good considering that's probably almost entirely from PS3 only.

I reckon it could perhaps hit 3m LTD, maybe more.

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