Is Battlefield Premium worth the money?

Should you splash the cash on Battlefield Premium? takes you through what you'll get for your money.

Earlier today it was confirmed that next Monday, June 4, EA plans to roll out Battlefield 3 Premium - a new service that offers players additional items and DLC for a one-off fee.

Official details aren't being released until next week, the publisher says – presumably to tie in with its E3 press conference on Monday - but has trawled through the leaked fact sheet to find you everything you need to know about the service.

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Trenta272385d ago

If you are planning on getting all the DLC anyway, go get it.
If you were not going to get the DLC/select few of them, don't.

grahf2385d ago

Its just like CoD Elite. Same premise, you get all the DLC, some cool extras, all for cheaper than buying the maps a-la-carte.

KiLLeRCLaM2385d ago

for the DLC's it's worth it..

ApolloAdams2385d ago

I wouldn't say it is worth it all. Entirely too expensive for what they are offering.

JKelloggs2385d ago

What when it's more expensive if you were to buy the DLC separately? Makes sense...

Krugsy2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I dunno, it seems like it should have been something released when the actual game was released. However, with only one expansion released so far, it's not as though it is hitting too late. I also think the price is reasonable when it includes all the expansions, minus Karkand, which many PS3 users already got free.

EA has a surprisingly lengthy plan for this game, I mean, final expansion in summer 2013? I suppose that is probably going to be the last bit of BF3 before the next Battlefield (Bad Company 3?) drops in Fall 2013.

Dlacy13g2385d ago

As with those above, its a good deal if you are vested in BF3 and are wanting to buy all the map packs. Me? BF3 has fallen off my playlist of late so I doubt I will sign up for the service.

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The story is too old to be commented.