My Elderly Aunt Skyrim

Critical Gamer's Luke K writes: Although the most recently announced Skyrim patch at time of writing introduces mounted combat, I’d like to take a step back and talk about the Kinect patch. Yes, this is the patch which only acknowledges the existence of Kinect’s microphone (and yet whenever people ask ‘why not have headsets supported?’, Microsoft execs put their fingers in their ears and scream ‘lalalalala’ very loudly). Having finally given Kinect-enabled Skyrim a try, I can confirm that the patch has the unexpected side effect of turning this epic, critically-acclaimed RPG into something resembling an elderly relative.

What I mean by this sloppy simile, of course, is that the voice recognition isn’t perfect. No big surprise perhaps, but… you know… this is Kinect! The company that developed it tells us it’s amazing hardware, so it must be true. Heck, they’re planning to use Kinect technology to help build stuff in space like some kind of god-like Lego set! Apparently! So I suppose the hope was, shared by Microsoft and its customers alike, that Kinect’s microphone was somehow magical. Well, it ain’t.

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