Crysis 3: 'We're offering 7 very distinct gameplay experiences'

Announced last month and set for release in spring 2013, Crysis 3 will once again see players step into the Nanosuit as Prophet as he goes toe-to-toe with hostile alien Ceph forces and the evil Cell Corporation.

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Hellsvacancy2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Sure you are

Andreas-Sword2392d ago

Crysis 3 will be 20 times better than Crysis 2 !

neutralgamer192392d ago

Thats what i was thinking lol Crysis 2 was meh.....

astar1234567892392d ago

How about making one, and making that one good!

seanpitt232392d ago

Well crisis 2 was a major disappointment the only game that's wowed me this couple of years is dark souls

ZoyosJD2392d ago

WTF ever happend to play as you want, reactive AI, and endless ways to play?

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