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Hellsvacancy2243d ago

Thank you, i knew you wouldnt forget about us

BlindGuardian2243d ago

it's weird that the IGN article doesn't mention a Prepare to Die console retail edition for US:

"Special retail versions of the Prepare to Die Edition will be available in Europe and Australia on August 24 for the PC version, and later this winter for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3."

so I don't know if I should sell my copy now or not

Nevers2243d ago


Can't wait. Glad they finally announced this for consoles.

It's really far away... I wonder what the content will do to the PvP community. New builds and such. Exciting!!!

Nate-Dog2243d ago

Hmmm Winter? Seems a bit late, but I don't care I'm just happy I'll have the chance to play it.

Tainted Gene2243d ago

*Takes of Glowing Hat*

Oh come now, there is no need to praise me..

Spenok2242d ago

"Sticky White Stuff."

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The story is too old to be commented.