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Fans Work on 007 Nightfire Remake

Doney den Ouden and Yoram Boer announced their plans for a remake of EA’s James Bond 007: Nightfire, a game that was originally released on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Nightfire: Reloaded Project will be powered by the newest version of Unreal Engine 3 and will be – hopefully – released on PC and Mac.

Doney and Yoram are currently gathering a team of hobbyists and enthusiasts who are willing to spend a few hours a week to work on it. Their initial goal is to upgrade the game visuals. Both audio and gameplay mechanics will remain the same, although the team might add an ‘Aim Down Sights’ system and achievements.

In Nightfire: Reloaded Project, players will take the role of Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan. Apart from that, there won’t be any significant changes to the game’s single player mode. In multiplayer, players will go against other players worldwide using a matchmaking system. Moreover, players will earn experience and level up, unlocking weapon and charact... (007 Nightfire: Reloaded, Culture, PC)

Valenka  +   1272d ago
So in other words, they want to copy Activision and further ruin the James Bond games by modernising them and turning them into espionage Call of Duty spin-offs. People like this need to be hanged for ruining classics.
konnerbllb  +   1272d ago
It's only a matter of time before they get a cease and desist letter. It's happened before in fan remakes unfortunately.

Google Chrono Trigger, fan remake, cease and desist


FFVII, fan remake, cease and desist

In my opinion while it's a nice idea and I love innovation and the modding community, it may be a waste of time. They should work on new IP if anything.
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