New Dead Space 3 Images

Dead Space 3 appears to be back and in a big way. A series of images have leaked online showing our hero Isaac Clarke with a much more rugged look to him in what appears to be the Arctic setting that was hinted at months ago. And this time, Isaac isn't alone.

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Redtide1966d ago

i love how people disagree with it being sweet

aCasualGamer1966d ago

Maybe they don't think it's sweet.

I for one don't think so. I don't like the fact that this seems to be a multiplayer coop version of dead space. I like the fact that Dead Space is a singleplayer focused game. Now it seems EA want to cash in, the best way to do so is to add multiplayer.

Kurt Russell1966d ago

Looks sweet to me! If Co-Op is implemented well I am all for it. Dead Space 2 was an excellent sequel to the first... keep it up!

da_2pacalypse1966d ago

Dead space does not need co-op. You can't have a "horror" game, which is co-op. Another good franchise ruined by The great EA!

Blacktric1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

As long as Co-Op is not forced in single player, I will buy the game. But if the game turns out to be something like Resident Evil 5, which in my honest opinion was a piece of sh*t, then it is bargain bin for me. The good thing about Dead Space is the feel of claustrophobia and isolation which will inevitably disappear if you have another character helping you along the way. Again, the best example of this is Resident Evil 5. Nevertheless, I am also very interested in the idea of using snow storms as a mean to make players feel isolated and hopefully, the game will have a normal single player mode that is playable with just Isaac.

antz11041966d ago

Dead Space 2 was great albeit they could have left out the tacked on multi player.

Personally it would have been a great finish to the series, gotta admit I'm skeptical about a third.

Redtide1966d ago

@acasualgamer your thoughts of coop are fine and all but the screen shots are still "sweet"

trenso11966d ago

Sweet more like bitter. If this true we now have a more tough looking instead of the semi fragile character we had before. You know the one with fear and felt more human in the sick twisted space. Plus he isn't alone good bye the horror part of the game. Cause having 1-3 people watching your back is more tense than being alone where you had to watch your own back of have your limbs ripped off especially is the higher difficulties.

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showtimefolks1966d ago

i like that but don't get me wrong i am exciting and all since i really liked DS 1-2 but the word amazing has been used so much since 2005-2006 to describe generic games that even when something is amazing the word just doesn't do it any justice

anyway at EA conference

NFS most wanted sequel(finally)
dead space 3
and much more

ThePoorman1966d ago

If Kurt Russell thinks it is sweet then so do I! He sees things no one else can see - does things no one else can do. ;)

iJihaD1966d ago

A horror Co-oP game would be interesting, first to see.
Chatting with your friend, while in fear of shadow monsters..

A huge one attacks and each one runs for his life, you are separated, don't know how to find each other.. every man for him self now, survive alone to get to your friend.. who's struggling him self to get to you.. While monsters are waiting.. for your flesh to be slashed...

oh i got carried away.. sorry.

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Forbidden_Darkness1966d ago

While i'm afraid this might turn out like Resident evil 5 (not scary at all), but I have hopes they'll keep it horror.

Lucretia1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

dead space and resident evil were never scary.

how the hell can dead space be scary if the games were super easy even on hard? the first gun is the best gun and there are only like 4 enemy types.

im not sure why anyone thinks the game was scary, i guess some people just scare easily.

DS1 and 2 were ok games, but i always started getting so bored toward the middle because there is no enemy variety and the threats are always the same.

Sevir1966d ago

Without a doubt Dead Space franchise is scarier than Resident evil of the present. Sorry if i dont agree with your opinions but Dead Space was a success in that it was able to unnerve me while playing! Their are some really well played scary moments and the looks of this seems to be powered by Frostbite 2! and it looks amazing! I cant wait!

coojo1966d ago Show
antz11041966d ago

I stopped reading when you said it was "super easy even on hard". Thaaaat kinda killed any credibility your statement had.

supernaught0001966d ago

Look out guys, we got a badass over here!

NastyLeftHook01966d ago

dead space scared the hell out of me.

dredgewalker1965d ago

Dead Space 1 was scary and even if Dead Space 2 wasn't as scary as the first it was still a great game for me.

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Lucretia1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I never said DS wasnt scarier than RE, its still not scary tho. its like the same difference of a squirrel being scarier than a hamster. how would you know if im black or not, wow so racist. go back to being scared of your fictional games you punk.

I dont get scared by movies either so maybe its just me

AgreeFairy1966d ago

Coojo never said you were black. He said you were a nigger. If you can't tell the difference then you must be a racist.

In any case, the Dead Space series is (or was) a horror game. Being able to see his face (which is a fail in itself) and having a co-op partner through the whole game will just take all of the real horror elements out of it. The only thing that could be scary about this game is having to babysit the AI.

Uncharted2Vet1966d ago

looks pretty good, but will this game be scary?

Walker1966d ago

Looks a lot Like Dead Space 2 !

Phaethon00171966d ago

I'm probably outnumbered here, but I loved both RE4 and RE5. It was like Alien to Aliens, one being more atmospheric and frightening and the other action packed.

I'll admit I didn't get far into the first two (I'm a chicken), and seeing as how there are only a few truly frightening games out there a midst all the action games, I feel for horror fans. I feel for you, but I feel for the cleanliness of my drawers more.