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5 Things Rockstar Should Leave Out of GTA V

Kotaku: "Yesterday, I listed 5 things that Rockstar should carry over from Max Payne 3 into Grand Theft Auto V. Today, I'll list 5 things that I hope they leave behind forever" (Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3 , PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Stuart5756  +   1069d ago
Some good points here, I agree.
blackbeld  +   1069d ago
I total agree,

Cover system in GTA is so bad! I broke my controller cause of it in GTA 4. Once you get some cover it won't release you easy. Making the gameplay no more fun.

Over hyped crap!

GTA Vice City is still the best!
Trenta27  +   1069d ago
It wasn't over hyped. That game was amazing. One feature that doesn't work doesn't mean the game is crap. For example Mass Effect 3. The game is brilliant except for the ending. Just because the ending sucks doesn't mean the game does.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1069d ago
The cover system wasn't that bad but i wouldn't want to have to rely on it alot.
Ser  +   1069d ago
Agreed. GTA IV felt very clunky to me. The cover system was unreliable at best. I never understood why the game received such high marks and praise. Probably just because it said "Grand Theft Auto" on the box. I also agree that Vice City is the best, for me at least. :P
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Moncole  +   1069d ago
Add submarines.
yeahokchief  +   1069d ago


Rockstar should hire a completely separate AAA team to make a game that is playable inside GTA V. And the game that they release inside the game has to get a 95-100 on metacritic.
WitWolfy  +   1069d ago
I cant stop laughing
Stuart5756  +   1069d ago
What is that drivel?
soundslike  +   1069d ago
-Not Take itself so goddamn seriously

-Get rid of the bro-dates, dates in general

-Silent protagonist

-Customizable Protagonist Male/Female at least.

-Hire some new writers. I'm really tired of their writing style. Like the author here says, they've exhausted the same archetypes over and over.
vickers500  +   1069d ago
Virtual Dates
Virtual Darts
Virtual Web Browser
Virtual TV
Slow, clunky controls
Attempts at being funny by using an accent to make something like "big american teetees" sound funny
Virtual bro-dates
It should have a MUCH larger arsenal (preferably customizable as well)
Less realism, more goofiness or over the top items or game elements (I don't care much if the story is goofy or not, but I want things like harriers, jetpacks, parachutes, cheats for flying cars, invincibility, funny aesthetic mods, etc., things that games like vice city and san andreas had).

Pretty much just forget the majority of GTA4 and go back to the game styles of Vice City and San Andreas.
BattleTorn  +   1069d ago
But I liked the Virtual TV...

Republican Space Rangers!!
reznik_zerosum  +   1069d ago
realism at least to some extent is main quality of this series compared to other similar games.
iamnsuperman  +   1069d ago
It needs fun cheats. GTA is a fun franchise and the cheats add that to that level of fun. What GTA IV missed was the over the top cheats. It kind of ruined the free roam ability outside the main story.
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BattleTorn  +   1069d ago
"over the top" should stay in the Saints' Row franchise.
mochachino  +   1069d ago
I agree with all the points but the gore, I like gore. I would add that GTA5 doesn't carry over MAx Payne 3s loose aiming - I played using free aim and it aimed as if he was almost drunk, although I understand that if people could aim easily they'd never need to slow down time and use bullet dodge.
BattleTorn  +   1069d ago
I disagree with each point this article listed.

It just sounds like the author really didn't like every bit that made Max Payne 3 awesome.

"Enemies are bullet-sponges who can take a half-dozen bullets and keep on ticking >> Max can't shoot-dodge into a room because it's impossible to kill even one enemy in a single leap, therefore shoot-dodging is suicidal >> Players stick to cover in order to proceed."

Yes, the enemies are bullet-sponges - IF YOU DON'T GET HEADSHOTS. Learn to aim.

"But none of the characters in Max Payne 3 feel fresh or interesting, including Max himself."
"in the GTA IV episodes, both partner/antagonists Billy Grey and Gay Tony were nuanced and ambiguous."

Pretty much hate all the R* antagonists?
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Roper316  +   1069d ago
what they need to do is the complete opposite of GTA4 and make the game fun again.
MasterD919  +   1069d ago
Bring back Tommy Verceti!
AzaziL  +   1069d ago
This guy complains about gore but likes the slow mo, kill-cam?

Ok, let's make the killings as unrealistic as possible and include slow motion so people can nitpick at the scenes.

And the complaint about the characters being goons and cokeheads. Ok, let's make all the antagonists in GTAV straight edge, church going do gooders, let's see how fun that will be.
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black911  +   1068d ago
Everything that was in GTA4 it sucked and ruined tbe franchise.

Most gamers arent excited for GTAV

Shouldve kept it a ps exclusive.
RedSoakedSponge  +   1068d ago
i know i probably dont share this opinion with a lot of people BUT im gonna say it anyway.

the lock on. i have this hatred for playing a game that tries to insist you use a really strong lock on system. whats wrong with aiming yourself?

I know its possible to turn it off but its obvious rockstar prefer you to play it this way as the over all difficulty gets ramped up so much without it.

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