The Strengths and Weaknesses of The Big 3 at E3 2012

E3 2012 is fast approaching and the big 3 all seem to be lining up their ducks and getting ready for the big show. Gaming’s “superbowl” will no doubt deliver on many occasions and yours truly couldn’t be more excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas getting ready to tear into my presents and cannot wait for the conferences to start. Next week will be big for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and myvideogamenews has outlined the strengths and weaknesses of the big 3 for E3 2012

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Y_51502391d ago

Monday should be tomorrow!

Godchild10202390d ago

This will be the longest weekend of my life. I had to beg my Manager to give me Monday and Tuesday off.

rustyspoon802390d ago

@ Godchild, We've got the Queens jubilee in the UK so we all get it off.

AngelicIceDiamond2390d ago

I dunno about Sony or Nintendo's weakness but MS weakness is not enough Hardcore none Kinect games thats pretty much all I can think of.

E3 Team Xbox.

TheLyonKing2390d ago

Sony- s=massive media and content for ps3/Vita
W= A lot of pressure to deliver surprises might leave people expecting more. (not me though)

Ms S-They are building a media hub and have halo 4
W- that it will be to heavily kinect focussed which will be boring and they are predictable.

Nintendo- S- new console always brings hype
W- price and games might get scrutinised if not up to par with expectations.