Battlefield 3 – DICE Identifies Possible Cause Of Stats and XP Loss Issue, Don’t Use The FAMAS

MP1st - DICE has identified a possible cause of the issue a number of Battlefield 3 players are currently facing.

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Hufandpuf2390d ago

"Stay tuned, Battlefield fans - We've got details on the upcoming patch coming tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the Battlefield Facebook page and for more information!" - Battlefield facebook page

There's a patch tomorrow so hopefully it will fix this problem. Can't say I've run into it though.

PPTouch2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I think he means the details of the next patch are being revealed tomorrow, not the patch itself coming out tomorrow. Hope I'm wrong though.

xxLuckyStrike2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

in order to get next patch you have pay for premium.. Lol

I joke at dice and EA

HaMM4R2389d ago

I have. I lost a level, 40,000 XP the last gun on the sniper class and the MG36. I hope i get my xp back when the they fix it

xxLuckyStrike2389d ago

Fuk Dice!!! They don't know their azz from a hole in the ground!!! DO NOT BUY THEIR DLC UNTIL THEY FIX THE GAME PROPERLY!!! they can't even fix minor issues with the game since launch and now they want us to buy their DLC for $50 gawd damn ... Lol at the FAMAS excuse.. Get a life dice and get you game fixed!!!

sovietsoldier2389d ago

+1 for you sir, well said!

dice just keeps going ahead with dlc and adding services even tho the main game is still broken or incomplete in some areas. i want a redo for this game because its at a tipping point of being completely fucked.

Tsalagi2389d ago

What's up with Battlefield games and stat resets? It did this to me on Battlefield 2 A LOT. At least you didn't have to level up to unlock things in that one and lose all your guns every time it decided you needed to be a private again.


If you are using the FAMAS you deserve it in my opinion! Do the same to USAS-12 please!

I kid, I kid... Kind of.

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