How to Setup DayZ And Last More Than Five Minutes In-Game

Everybody who is anybody is playing the open-world zombie apocalypse mod, DayZ - but setting it up and learning how to stay alive can almost as much of a nightmare as a real zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, put together this illustrated guide to help.

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xAlmostPro2387d ago

How to set up DayZ s already on their site and forums.

How to last more than 5 minutes, crouch walk/run and use common sense. It's a survival game/mod for a reason.

ATi_Elite2386d ago

Stay off the main roads, stay away from towns, work in groups, stay outta open fields, zig zag when running, and for Gamers sake check your 6 randomly.

(I followed a guy for like 2 hours and the mofo never turned around, I fired off some shots wounding him and let some priest Zombies Eat him up and I took his stuff)

stay off the type chat cause mofos will track you down and kill you.

Example: ("hid motorcycle under big pine tree next to Deer Stands blah blah".........Yes we mounted up and got ourselves a Motorcycle and ambushed the mofos coming back to get it)

DO NOT walk around at night with flares burning, your just asking to get sniped.

Russians and Euros have always killed Humans on site so stay away from them.

If your backpack is good and filled with goodies stay away from the Americans also. If you don't have nothing then take a chance and try to hang with them.

Stay away from areas with Large amounts of barbwire unless you are ready for WAR! (Barbwire = usually means Teams hoarding car, motorcycle, and ATV parts)

Treat Day Z like it's real cause as soon as you think it's a game Pop pop pop "YOUR DEAD"

Happy Survival and don't be the idiot to get sniped 600 meters away by a guy holding a M4 using only iron sites......I've seen it done!

WeskerChildReborned2387d ago

I wish i had a good enough PC to support this awesome looking game.

xAlmostPro2386d ago

Try the arma 2 free version to see how your rig handles.

Arma allows a lot of custom settings graphic wise. If you rig is decent you can probably play on low