Metro: Last Light Will Be Scary, Bring Back Memories Of Half-Life 2

New news about Metro: Last Light was announced recently at a Pre-E3 event. Click the link to see where the series is headed!

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Criminal2364d ago

Sweet, this game looks promising.

Trenta272364d ago

Playing through it again on PC. Love it. While it has its flaws, it's brilliant in both design and atmosphere. It's scary walking through the dark only for your mask to break.

Draperc2364d ago

I hope they succeed, the only other first person game to make me feel tense besides amnesia the dark descent was the Ravenholm level of Half Life 2. I loved the level, but hated the poisonous head crab throwing zombies. Those things should take at least a spot in the top 3 of any list of worst enemies in gaming.
Anyway, 2013 can't come soon enough. Really sucks that Last Light got pushed back.

ATi_Elite2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

"We Don't go to Ravenholm anymore"

Those burnt up Alien looking things SPOOK me out man, I hate those things and their loud scream.

Draperc2364d ago

Oh yeah, those things. Hate them too.

banjadude2364d ago

When you douse them with flames, the screams get even more eerie, because you know the other guys nearby are going to be mad and get at you!