Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Site Opens

Square Enix has revised their existing Final Fantasy Portal and instead has turned it into an outpost for all things 25th Anniversary celebration.

In addition to goods and merchandise, each title from the Final Fantasy series is now represented in Amano artwork complete with a full discography link with even more details.

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versusALL2393d ago

Wonder if they are going to announce anything big this year. Hopefully some new details on XV.

dark-hollow2393d ago

i think its the prefect time to announce something major for the final fantasy franchise.

Lovable2393d ago

All FF bundled in one blu ray discs...LOL

Hisiru2393d ago

Remake of Final Fantasy Vi.

crxss2392d ago

FFXV, as in the old VersusXIII haha

tweet752393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

heres hoping for a huge comprehensive 25th anniversay Final fantasy HD collection reveal at E3. Seems like good timing for that starting the celebration for the anniversary a week before E3.

sashimi2393d ago

Like maybe a release date/new footage of FF Versus at TGS?

TheLyonKing2392d ago

Amono's artwork is beautiful, I can't remember if he does teh front cover for the japenese and EU covers or not for the games but when i got 13 I was disgusted to see teh american box art cover for the EU one. WHY!

slaton242392d ago

also what about the FFX HD remake i havent heard no new news on it either just like nothing new on versus 13

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