The Legend Returns: Hironobu Sakaguchi on The Last Story

IGN: "The man behind the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, made his return to the director's chair with The Last Story for Wii. This epic RPG hit Japanese store shelves in early 2011, and will finally be making it's way stateside this summer.

Recently IGN had the chance to chat via e-mail with Sakaguchi-san. We talked everything from The Last Story to his directorial return to his current projects. Check out the full interview below, then be sure to sound off with your own thoughts in the comments afterward."

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Titanz2386d ago

I hope The Last Story franchise gets the Wii U treatment (HD visuals, or perhaps a sequel).

Instigator2385d ago

Damn it, my first disagree on this site and it was by accident... But yeah, a sequel would be awesome. Or at least that the battle system makes it way to other Mistwalker titles.

cornroves2385d ago

I'll make up for your disagree...

Kratoscar20082385d ago

I hope Sakagushi make a PSVita rpg or a PS3 rpg.

CLOUD19832385d ago

Sagakuchi & Takahashi (Xenoblade) is my 2 all time favorite JRPG creators that's why I buy a Wii to play their new games I play Xenoblade atm after that The Last Story will follow :) but it's a shame when I read that Sagakuchi spent his time making silly games for iPhones... this guy must work on new JRPG creations non stop one after another do u hear me Mr Sagakuchi start working on your next MASTERPIECE already!!!