Head2Head: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Analysis (PS3 vs. Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! Today we will be putting Ghost Recon: Future Soldier under the lens and perform a recon mission of our own to find the definitive version."

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Oldman1002388d ago

Wow, a clear win for the 360. You'd think sony would have some sort of third party quality assurance to avoid this kind of disparity. They should have teams of programmers on hand to help out studios that are having trouble providing an equal or better experience to the competition.

Shogun Master2388d ago

Yeah this is one of the worst ports this late in the generation. Not quite Bayonetta bad, but it's a clear sign of a lazy, lazy job by Ubisoft. It's like they threw it in a "just get it to work on PS3" machine.

Frankfurt2388d ago Show
Pixel_Enemy2388d ago

I love when people trash talk the PS3 when it comes to multiplats but they hide under their bridges when the topic is exclusive games.

Lazy cheap ports result in half ass products. I didn't plan to get this game in the first place.

BrutallyBlunt2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

How is this trash talking the PS3? If it's worse on the PS3 it's worse on the PS3. Seems to me people like you tend to change directions all the time and talk about exclusives in articles about comparing the same games.

Sony needs to work with developers and not create hardware that benefits only them. Not when you create a platform that caters to third party publishers to begin with since most games on the PS3 are from them.

The moral of the story is why bother going into a topic for a game you don't care about, is it just to promote PS3 exclusives? This game is getting awesome reviews and I quite enjoyed previous Ghost Recon games.

RudeSole Devil2388d ago

Yea I agree, lazy job with this port. Devs should know by now how to make a cross platform port, right?

srcBFMVBMTH2388d ago

I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't even trust Lensoftruth anymore lol. The same site that tried to pass off Dark Souls being better on the 360 yet the devs THEMSELVES stated already that the PS3 version was superior and was the lead platform.

And I really doubt this game runs better on the 360 considering Ubisoft devs said upcoming games would use PS3 as lead platform.

Lensofbulltshit is more like it lol. The complete opposite is shown here. They most likely reversed the pics to make the 360 look better.

MerkinMax2388d ago

Sorry to say, but it was a bit blurry on PS3 compared to 360.

srcBFMVBMTH2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Naw, more like being able to tell fact from bullshit. Everybody knows that Lensoftruth is full of 360 "fanboys" and are completely biased. Kinda like how everybody accuses N4G of being filled with PS3 "fanboys". Lol

GameOn2388d ago

I mean come on, really? Your'e using Dark souls, a game that was pretty much identical on both consoles?

lategamer2388d ago

I don't like Lens of Truth, but your statement seem off the mark. I doubt they "reversed" the pictures to make 360 look better. Do yourself a favor, stop going to that site and just use Digital Foundry (like I do).

black9112388d ago

This is why we dont need a PS4 yet. The PS3 isnt maxed yet and developers still havent learned to develop for it.

SKUD2388d ago

Wheres the PC version?.

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