Crysis 3 will be present at E3 2012 and will look 'absolutely fantastic'

DSOGaming writes: "E3 is the place where you'd expect to see Crytek's upcoming bad boy and thankfully, you will. Although there has not been any talk about it, we can confirm today that the game will be present at this year annual game trade show. Not only that, but it seems that Crytek has been hard at work to polish the build of the game that will be showcased and the results of their hard work are - according to Nick Button-Brown - fantastic."

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MattyG2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Of course he'd say that, what else will he say? "We're showing Crysis 3 at E3! It's gonna look like absolute shit!" But really I'm sure it will be awesome.

Dovahkiin2392d ago

Haha, it'd get peoples attention that's for sure...

Hufandpuf2392d ago

IKR, I think everyone would pay attention to it then. Srsly, if a dev said their new game looked like utter crap, I would have to see it.

MattyG2392d ago Show
ninjahunter2392d ago

It would be an escort mission :)
"Our AI now walks in straight lines, were still working on making them take cover though."

ninjahunter2392d ago

Honestly, Graphics arent all im looking for in a crysis game. Sandbox physics is what im really looking for.

Crysis 1: smash through roof of building, grab nearest badguy throw him at his friend, throw grenade at their bodies still getting up off ground, make a run for it, building collapses on them. Prepare for the army headed your way.

Crysis 2: Enter front door, shoot badguys, no reinforcements. ._. Kick a can on ground, them physics.

Zha1tan2392d ago

THIS x 100

but its EA, they make good game developers bad.

MerkinMax2392d ago

Oh gawd, someone should parody the song "Good girls go bad" using that line. That would blow up the interwebz.

cstyle2392d ago

and will be shown running on xbox of course.

MattyG2392d ago

nah, they'll show it on PC. After all, the series started on PC and looks most impressive on it.

cstyle2392d ago

It will be the console because that is where the the majority of the games that will be using it.

AngelicIceDiamond2392d ago

I really wouldn't mind having this game for next gen, I mean, is there a huge demand for this already?

doublebass22392d ago

fingers crossed for a console version demo too!!I loved both crysis and crysis 2 on the 360,and even though i know pc crysis far surpasses them,I still think they look phenomenal for consoles!!Among the best whether multyplatform or exclusive!

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