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Shola of - "As I observe how much this game did right and compare it to how little it did wrong I find myself wondering why this game isn’t getting more press. It is on its way to becoming a rapid cult classic within some circles but is being overlooked by the mainstream."

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dc12389d ago

This site gets it.

30 Hours in; I can not understand how anyone can 'objectively' give Dragon's Dogma anything less than an 8/10.

The game is an RPGers wet dream. The verity of creatures coupled with the atmosphere, landscape, mission, NPC acting, customization and Fighting/magic mechanics completely outshine Dragon age 2
** Added Dragon Age 2 purely for a relative comparison **
(and pushes darn close the DA origins from a total package perspective)

I highly recommend this to all PS3/360 fans out there!

Son_Lee2389d ago

I think it's the best WRPG this gen. Combat is right, difficulty is right, BOSSES and creatures are right.

Only complaint I really have is the story is lacking.

dc12389d ago

Your spot on.

I was just short of saying that.
Unfortunately, I'm a little turn.

With respect to fantasy WRPGs:

- No one does combat mechanics/weapon wight better than dark souls; but its not truly a WRPG is it.

- DA Origins had the best WRPG story presentation, however the fighting mechanics were very lacking.

- The Witcher 2 was awesome;very beautiful with some pretty interesting creatures, but lacked the depth of player customization out side of PC modification. Further, it was an 'open/linear' model.

-DA 2 failed on multiple layers.

Dragon's Dogma is absolutely near great on all fronts (out side of a over arching drum beat story).
With all that being said, I cant deny that its the best WRPG this gen... its just tough to say it right now.

I can tell you that I'm enjoying the heck out of this game like no other WRPG in the last 5 years.

Lucretia2389d ago

dudes, its a japanese Rpg

a JRPG. not western. Just cuz its fantasy doesnt mean its western lol. thats like saying Berserk and Record of loddoss war is western.....speaking of which, how do you get the berserk stuff? i saw someone with Guts's sword and griffiths helm.

anyway i adore this game, a freakin blast!

dc12389d ago


We know it was created by a Japanese developer and that its an RPG,
However, please tell me why its not in the WRPG bucket as opposed to the JRPG bucket.

Just trying to understand you point.


Lucretia2389d ago

its not a Wrpg because it was not developed by Western developers.

it uses fantasy and such akin to dungeons and dragons but it is japanese.

a game made by a japanese dev is a Jrpg and a western made rpg is a Wrpg.

thats what the classic definition was before atleast.

most people think jrpg and they think it has to be anime, again, that would be like considering Record of loddos war, berserk, vampire hunter a western cartoon because it uses those Mythos.

dc12389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Thanks I see your points -
However I think we are talking *unclear* semantics.

I was focusing on Style of game play -
That is, the connotation associated with WRPG vs JRPG rests with style not location of developer.

For example:
- Eternal Sonata will always be considered a JRPG (Linear in nature, progressive character/weapon growth anime *like* graphics)

- Skyrim/DA Origins would fall into the WRPG style of game play (Open world, player and NPC equip options, realistic in tone and nature.)

With the above said,
Dark souls and Demons souls would never be categorized as a JRPG. In fact, most sites struggled to bucket the games from a RPG perspective.

If we did not know that Dragon's Dogma was developed by a Japanese team, there would be no argument regarding the style of play it presents (out side of the crappy intro music... its a dead give away).

Thanks for the talk back (N4G at it's finest). + Bub to you.

StrawberryDiesel4202389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

This game deserves more scores like this, the early reviews were disgusting and just plain poor. One has to wonder how many "journalists" actually played the damn game considering it came out the same day as two games that had way more hype behind them, that being Max Payne 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Add to it the fact the game takes about 40hrs to complete, I really am questioning the credibility of specific sites that rated it bad and have no valid reason to justify the score they gave. Especially when any complaint made against Dragon's Dogma was overlooked in their Skyrim review.

shammgod2389d ago

"I really am questioning the credibility of specific sites that rated it bad and have no valid reason to justify the score they gave. Especially when any complaint made against Dragon's Dogma was overlooked in their Skyrim review."

This statement right F'in here!