Battlefield 3 gets some dubstep love; new emotional fan trailer for DICE's FPS

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘SIBentertainment’ created an emotional, dubstep trailer for Battlefield 3. It’s funny but SIBentertainment’s take is amazing and PatrickReza’s Dubstep remix of ‘Kleerup Ft. Lykke – Until We Bleed’ is a perfect match for it. There is nothing more to add really, other than it’s a must-see video. It takes real talent to create as emotional and memorable – in just a few minutes – as this video. Naturally, some will like it, som won’t. Either way, we highly recommend spending five minutes watching it. Enjoy!"

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Yi-Long2385d ago

... don't go together.

GanjaMan2385d ago

enit. dubstep is shit nowadays it use to be good from 2001-2007 but now its all about who make the biggest dirty drop!! i blame skrillex with his shit take on dubstep

KyRo2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Agree with how dubstep used to be much better back then but there is still a lot of good dubstep that I'd actually class as dubstep. This noisy, 'americanised' shit (not my term but thas how a lot of people see it) that kids love doesn't even deserve the name but its harder to come by unless you listen to shows on rinse and Sub FM.

Andreas-Sword2385d ago

Battlefield 3 is the best multiplayer shooter ever!

Tonester9252385d ago

Do people dance to this? lol

Blacktric2385d ago

Do people actually think this as "emotional"? LMAO. That sh*tty Jay-Z trailer was more emotional than this...

Hufandpuf2385d ago

Yeah people do dance to dubstep. I was at a party at a mostly white college and the go crazy for this stuff.

Grimhammer002385d ago

I like my dubstep with trance or drum n bass.
My hatred is when trance, house, techno, drm n bass & dubstep do these super inhuman fast ramping beats to transition to the epic moments.
I call it the step-up effect.....and it's annoyingly abused in all electronica excluding ambieant & dark goth stuff.

tee_bag2422385d ago

Dubsteb sucks ball but each to their own. Mostly kids beginning to get into electronic music dig it. Hopefully this isn't where their musical eduction finishes

Grimhammer002385d ago

I think many assume dubstep is mashed up noise with beats. Only the garbage dubstep is like this.
Dubstep that includes a hook, melody and good. Even great.

Im an old man that should be into foreigner. Lol
But I like Trance & drm n bass. Only recently in the past 2yrs have I started to listen to dubstep.
It takes a bit to find good dubstep I'll admit.

(art being subjective - just my opinion)

Try la roux - Skrillex - in it for the's tight.

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