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Clickonline writes: "And far from being thwarted by bugs, much of the game is smooth, there are no technical defects on screen nor broken levels. Instead, the entire experience feels marred by an overriding misapprehension of what makes for a good game."

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SSKILLZ2306d ago

I'll just get Gravity Rush

Soldierone2306d ago

Are you serious? Lmao.....I know where to never go for reviews. I mean its everyone's opinion, but the trick is to find people with similar interests as you that review the game. I love this game and can't get enough of it.....a 1.5 should be only for games that are literally unplayable or complete crap.....this game is FAR from that.

CaptCalvin2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

I can't get enough of it either. Too bad there isn't enough. I thought it was really fun, while it lasted. Multiplayer still doesn't work for me :(

Soldierone2306d ago

Yeah I agree. There are areas to complain on. It being short and the online not working at all at the moment are good points to complain about....but to put it on the same level as games that are literally unplayable?

ZombieStalker2306d ago

Horrible review. It is obvious the reviewer hasn't liked the previous Resistance games, so why would this game be different. That right there should indicated the reviewer should have had someone else review the game.

Just a bad review regardless of how you look at it...

belac092306d ago

im way into this game i dont get all of the negative reviews, its seriously a great game

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The story is too old to be commented.