Sony To Buy Gaikai, Possibly No PS4?

We know those crazy words that Nanea Reeves of Gaikai said back in January but with the buyout seeming more and more likely, should we begin thinking about a future without a PS4? Is that such a bad thought, though? Ron Hoffecker of brings some reasons as to why Gaikai will be bought and why the PS4 may sit on the sidelines.

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PerpetualMathx102393d ago

very good article, i mean it does make you wonder because a lot of figure heads in the industry were at GDC talking about this next gen possibly being the last in how we play games. so if this is true it would mean either sony is really looking ahead and is making the future happen soon, or it could simply be its just not feasible to continue on to next gen by way of console, especially if financially its really not worth it, and just like gaming has always functioned, someone will fill the void with a new direct competitor to microsoft and nintendo.

darthv722393d ago

but I was under the impression it would be onlive. I never heard of gaikai until today. Onlive I can relate to as it was rumored to be possibly coming to the 360/ps3.

I remember reading about that around this time last year and with other stories talking about sony making deals with cloud gaming I obviously thought onlive first.

So if this is a sign of possible trends that would leave ms to make some type of deal to get cloud gaming as well via onlive if sony is dedicating themselves to this gaikai company.

NovusTerminus2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Interesting article, but I am hoping against it.

ISP caps are still a big thing to consider, some as low as 50gigs a month. And my internet is not stable enough to stream a game through something like OnLive.

If it is an added service, just an extra way to get games I am fine with it. But I dread it if it becomes the only way to play them.

Soldierone2393d ago

I have the fastest internet possible in my area and even when everything else is shut off, I cannot get OnLive to work properly AT ALL. It lags like hell, and this is just for single player.

I'm not saying we won't ever be streaming games like this, but it still has some work to do before it becomes standard and I don't see why someone like Sony would put all their cards on a system that is broken like that. I'd go half and half, let it develop to a point of being good then make it standard.

Cennus2393d ago

I, myself, haven't tried either one but I heard iffy things about OnLive's service. I hear Gaikai is pretty nice, though.

BitbyDeath2393d ago

Exactly, it wouldn't even work in most places.
They'd more than halve their potential customer base.

The rumour is just too unbelievable IMO

kumagoro2393d ago

I agree, not wanting it to be online only. Then it locks you into having to pay a fee to access your games, and having to buy new licenses for every game, that's a lot $$$.

I do think a PS4 will launch, just not so beefed up. Maybe a 5 year end of life console.

Stargazer2393d ago

Yea I agree with the last part. It would make sense were this to be an added service, and not THE way to play a PlayStation 4. I think it's too early to make another PlayStation that ONLY plays in the cloud. I don't think we're there yet, in terms of infrastructure.

user54670072393d ago

I know people want to think that were ready for this type of thing because it's been talked about a lot, it's new and in a small way futuristc but come on guys...were really not.

When everyone has amazing internet speeds and consoles come with a massive hard drives to store our downloaded games on plus things we buy on the PSN (DLC, Classics, Indie Games) then we'll be ready

Don't you watse your money on this sort of thing yet Sony unless it's just so you can expand cloud gaming saves you offer with PS Plus so you can store more.

kumagoro2393d ago

I honestly think this is long ranged plan for Sony, buy now while it's good and not crazy $$$ to spend for.

- Release a slimmed PS3 with the option of connecting to the (new)PlayStation Cloud.

- Release a very good/fair PS4 with connections to this cloud in a years time.

- Slowly grow the cloud adaption, moving people off discs into online play over 5 -8 years time.

- I hear Gaikai will make the PS4 backwards compatible and vita ready

- This is also a win for their TV brand

2393d ago
Cennus2393d ago

Even I'm hoping for a PS4 but in that link it says Sony declined to comment. They only said they won't make a web-based console.

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