Gaming Bus: Then and Now: Final Fantasy VII (PSX)

Gaming Bus takes a retro look at Final Fantasy VII, 15 years after it came out.

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Action GO FIGURE1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

^^This. The person who made this review probably started gaming last week. As if this review still matters anyway, millions still love the RPG.

Capt-FuzzyPants1431d ago

Well the first time I played was a couple years ago in 2009 or 2010 and I still loved it. The music, the characters and everything even though the graphics are horrible for a game in this gen.

gaden_malak1431d ago

Still my favourite game ever.

Can't believe it's been 15 years though.

wishingW3L1431d ago

I played it recently for the first time and I still thought it was one of the greatest game ever.