18 New Images Leak From the Halo 4 Closed Beta

Some fresh, terrible quality images have surfaced via take a look, there's quite a bit in here, but the quality is very poor. You may be best advised just to wait until E3 and get top quality images.

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FlawlessCowboy1694d ago

Original story is from, so give them the traffic they deserve!

Images are easier to view on LittleEnglishHaloBlog.

MerkinMax1693d ago

Too many submissions these days steal traffic from the original source.

Kur01694d ago

Interesting, third persion view optional?

aviator1891694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Hopefully. I really want first-person view when you're in the passenger's seat.

MerkinMax1693d ago

Halo Reach first person driving mod. Pretty neat.

IHateYouFanboys1694d ago

nope, its just the view you get of other players while youre waiting to respawn - note the players name (that has been blacked out) in the middle of the screen.

CoolBeansRus1693d ago

it looks like it might be from a replay or a dev. Either way very unlikely since Halo are known for being a fps.

AO1JMM1694d ago

Cannot wait to see non blurry footage of the game.

CoolBeansRus1693d ago

LOL. JUNE 4 is next week, i can just wait. :D

BigTwitchy1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Is that the DMR's icon on the loadout list in the 15th pic that I see there? I really hope it is. I loved the DMR in Reach, but to have the AR, BR, and DMR all in one game would be great. I also hope that there is no duel wielding just like with Reach.