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Submitted by Proeliator 1354d ago | opinion piece

Dishonored’s Game World: Soup of ideas or creative genius?


"With the announcement of Bioshock: Infinite‘s delay until next year, and subsequent removal from the E3 lineup, so goes any chance I had of seeing my most anticipated game in Los Angeles this summer.

Despondent and adrift, I’ve been left scrambling for a new ambitious game to psyche myself into.

I think that this one might be able to capitalize on Bioshock‘s delay, and sate those of us hungry for some atmospheric shooter action.

Dishonored is that game, and you’ve probably heard it compared to a bevy of other titles as well." (Dishonored, E3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Link broke on site, updated one below:

Proeliator  +   1354d ago
From my understanding it ISNT' open world... wtf??
gaminoz  +   1354d ago
I think it has the appearance of an open world but isn't exactly open. I don't think that is a bad thing personally.
Dovahkiin  +   1354d ago
A bit like Deus Ex: HR, I'd imagine.
Eske  +   1354d ago
That's definitely something I'm eager to see explained more. I won't say that it worries me, cause I think there are ways that it can be done well. But it is a bit surprising that they didn't go open world...the game seems suited for it.
Cajun Chicken  +   1354d ago
I'm pretty sure most of the ideas for Prey 2 were shifted by Bethesda into this, the whole parkour, bounty hunter/assassin, weird abilities, free choice how to complete missions...
Not that I care, because Prey 2 really didn't look like an honest sequel to Prey at all.
gaminoz  +   1354d ago
Totally with you! Prey 2 didn't look like Prey and I wasn't at all interested.

I'm very interested in this one.
BadCircuit  +   1354d ago
This is one of the few new Ips being shown and I'm actually quite excited about it.

Except I'm not sure about the dev: Arkane. Can they do a Bioshock like game as well as Levine and co?
MattyG  +   1354d ago
Is this link working for everyone else? I keep getting a "Page not found" error.
Proeliator  +   1354d ago
MattyG  +   1354d ago
Oh_Yeah  +   1354d ago
out of the handful of titles announced for the rest of 2012 (so far) many of them arnt looking expecting this to be top 5. @BadCircuit im thinking this will be a alot better than the bioshock series, i dont understand the hype for them other than the art style, the gameplayy and rpg side is stale. im hoping this will be a mix of assasins creed with much better combat and fallout type personality + rpg elements, thatd make for a great game.
MattyG  +   1354d ago
Can't waiiit for this game! I really hope it's as original and fresh as it seems. Also, doesn't this have one of the art directors from Half-Life working on it?
Oh_Yeah  +   1354d ago
^ all i know is the lead art director is from deus ex. games gonna be epic either way, when does bethesda dissapoint? will probably be my favorite game of the year.
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Oh_Yeah  +   1354d ago
nvm, its a guy from deus ex, bethesda and half life 2 working together on this
mananimal  +   1353d ago
@Ockbar....WRONG & WRONG!, geez man. Nobody "noteworthy" from the Deus Ex or Half Life 2 development teams are working on this game, thats just MARKETING 101 for SHEEPLE who wouldnt know the difference between an Apple & a Orange cause there both fruit. @jbiz320 ...And the reason for "no gameplay " showing is becuase they keep changing it, lol, I remember when this game was 1st announced, it looked & had the feel of a really cool FPS pontnetially, now it looks really different imo. I aint payin no $60 bucks for just another FPS without "REAL" longlasting Franchise potential, & with that Universe its set in, its set up for EPIC FAIL, & is just filler for the meantime, its gonna be MULTI PLAYER heavy & geared more towards the casual shooter fans IMO. When 2013's crop of Shooters hit, this game will be a distant memory going out in the vain of Rsistance for the PS3.
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jbiz320  +   1354d ago
why no gameplay for soooooo long.. they need to fire their marketing department.
mananimal  +   1353d ago
This game doesnt excite me all, the early comparisons to other AAA FPS(ie: Half Life series, some of the Art looks similar) games are just Marketing tools to get ones attention. I dont care for this games lore, the story, or the universe its set in. Should have taken it in more of a "Cyber Punk Sci Fi future-istic" setting IMO, but hey, Im sure others have their opinions as well, but Im not impressed with it. Ive played TONS & TONS of FPS's , since almost there inception, been gaming since the early 80's, owned almost every US console made, going back to PONG, Intellivision, Colecovision and on. So my Experience with the EVOLUTION of the FPS & all the various different game mechanics, story,lore, is vast, & Ive seen it all. My expectations are different than the average "johnny come lately" modern day FPS fan (ie: COD, etc). Coould this game turn out to good? sure maybe, but GREAT?, uh NO, not gonna happen. Im more excited about the DOOM 3 compilation Bethesda recently announced, DOOM 3 is 1b on my list of Favorite FPS's of all time, I still own the PC & Xbox versions of it & expansion. 360 version comes with 7 new levels, & updated graphics with Achievements, all they need now would be multiplayer & I would be in FPS gaming paradise, sign me up. P.S- for the curious, 1A is none other than Half Life, the King of Single Player FPS's IMO.
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