Sony PlayStation 4 Tipped for 2013

SlashGear: With games such as Doom 3: BFG Edition still making waves in the industry of what some would call a fading wave for console gaming, Sony’s PlayStation 4′s release in 2013 is sure to be a hit.

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Akuma-2388d ago

Next gen will arrive on its day of release

Trenta272387d ago

You are so wise! Marry me!

yabhero2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Actually next gen arrives some time sin November with WiiU, sorry to burst your bubble...

Then again I'v been content enjoying my PC, WiiU, PS3, 3DS, iPad and even later PS4 I guess...

Yes I know I took the trollbait

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Chapulin2387d ago

Killzone 4 launch game pls.

WooHooAlex2387d ago

I want Killzone on PS3 and Vita. For the PS4, I'm hoping for a new IP from GG.

dirthurts2387d ago

It's looking like a double console launch (MS vs Sony). Exciting!

Yo Mama2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Nope. IMO, you have to go by Sony's past years schedule.

This years E3 will focus on concept videos of PS4 games.
E3 2013 will have Sony debuting what the PS4 will look like and it's specifications.
And E3 2014 will be for it's price.

silvacrest2387d ago

sony wont want to launch a PS4 after microsoft and nintendo again

Sgt_Slaughter2387d ago

Then how does that explain releasing after the Wii U?

silvacrest2387d ago

okay, i actually forgot about the upcoming wiiU launch but i would bet money that the time between each launch wont be years apart

DeadlyFire2387d ago

Well Sony could reveal all on PS4 and launch in Japan in Spring and Fall for US/EU in 2013.

Soldierone2386d ago

I think they have changed finally. I mean look at Vita. It didn't exactly follow PSP. They had a special announcement party for it, showed off the games at E3, and then released it later in the year.

Same will go for PS4. IF they don't show it off at E3, there will be a special press thing for it, then they show it off at next years E3, and then release late next year, early 2014.

You have to realize MS isn't going to full around. When they announce the next xbox, it will come out shortly after.

bub162387d ago

if all these 2013 releases are true for next gen consoles. wont we see them advertised at E3 this year?

if we dont see them at E3 i highly doubt a 2013 release

M83_2387d ago

I agree with you completely. And with so few rumours this year, I doubt it'll be unveiled.
Maybe acknowledged though.

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The story is too old to be commented.