'Major' Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed announcement coming at E3

SEGA will be making a "major announcement" at E3 next week for their upcoming title Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the company announced today.

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SpartanZero2185d ago

I had so much fun playing 4 player split-screen on the first one. Can't wait.

Rampaged Death2185d ago

People use the word 'major' way too much now. I used to remember when major meant something in the game industry.

Tonester9252185d ago

What can be so major about this?

Rampaged Death2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

It includes Shenmue 1+2. That would be the only thing.

AgreeFairy2185d ago

I'd rather wait for Shenmue 1+2 to be downloadable instead. I wouldn't buy this game even for Shenmue (much like how I passed on the first one despite it having Ryo Hazuki as a character).

Tonester9252185d ago

I loved those when I had my GameCast!

bit-crusherrrr2185d ago

Maybe that it'll have an original idea in the game and not just rip off mario kart 7.

Even better tho exclusive to some new sega hardware, that'd be nice.

Psychonaughty2185d ago

I'm looking forward to whatever the announcement is as the first game was surprisingly good despite what all the haters above me say.

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