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DJP's Dan:

"Oh Rocksteady, why have you done this? You’ve taken a fantastic story and tacked on something unnecessary and pointless that adds nothing of value. I am of course talking about the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC that has just hit Xbox Live because sadly, it's disappointing."

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tunaks12301d ago

wasn't really worth the $10

playing as robin was cool, but by the end what was the point of it? There is almost no story advancement, just stop harley.

ACBAA2301d ago

ungrateful people.. at least this isnt like the other dlcs' and you bash on

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MasterD9192301d ago

DLC packs are not expansion packs...

That being said, I'll be trying this out for myself. I figured I'd replay the campaign again and dive into this after anyhow. I can admit that 800 MS points for a 2 hour story seems a bit much, but it isn't that uncommon these days at all.