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A Way to Combat Campers

In the ever-volatile circle that is multiplayer gaming, it's no secret that very few within it who hear the word 'camper' will have a memory stir of the tent-dwelling, fire-pitching ramblers of the forest track in favour of the more familiar overpowered assault rifle-toting corner-dwellers of multiplayer land. (3DS, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Medal of Honor, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

SITH  +   1068d ago
The only people who complain about campers are the people who cannot stop running around the same corner and getting killed by the same guy over, and over, and over. I will set up a tent if you idiots keep walking/running/creeping the same way in some diluted mission to be *that guy* who kills me. Meanwhile the points rack up and your butt gets horizontal ontop of your last body until I run out of ammo, or lose interests.

There's not a person alive who has played FPS games and not setup a trap, ambush, or kill zone (aka camping). It is a tactic like any other, just tends to be most effective aginst those who cannot think beyond one path.
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BlackTar187  +   1068d ago
umm i agree but you are being to simple about it.

Most MP vs games they have 1-3 paths to take if your first thing to do is run to 1 of the three and never cross your middle then your camping and a whole lot more so then the way you explained it.

I camp sometimes sure i also hunt out campers who post behind the same corner the whole game and plant claymore/c4 tactic or not most of these people lose 1v1 gunfights hence why they camp more so then rush.

I have no problem with your style btw i do it myself sometimes but stop pretending the MP battleground is open world where one could chose one of the 40 ways to get to the otherside. The fact is when you have 1-3 places to cross at you run out of options.
Jormungandr  +   1068d ago
if you have three paths and only one of them is being camped... go one of the other two. That's pretty straight forward.

If all three are being camped then bravo... the other team is doing a good job. Your team needs to switch strategies to deal with it.

I'm sorry... but most modern multiplayer shooters are, from a tactical stand point, very similar to actual combat. And if you think there is a military any where in the world that responds to an entrenched enemy by whining about camping... well... lets just leave it at there isn't one.

Here's a hint: suppressing fire + grenades.
BlackTar187  +   1068d ago
nm lol
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SITH  +   1068d ago
I don't know what FPS games you have been limiting yourself too, but battlefield series, arma series, halo series, and many other FPS have a helluva lot more than 1-3 paths. You need to branch out beyond the limited scope of games you restrict yourself too.
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Jormungandr  +   1068d ago
And then there is spawn camping... where you die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, then scream bloody murder and ram your keyboard through your computer screen.

Fortunately that's a lot less significant issue today than back in the old days... but it still happens if there are enough people camping spawn points.

Otherwise... yes... I agree... "camping" as it is defined today is nothing more than taking advantage of choke points and important resources to set up ambushes like any good soldier would.
Iceman X  +   1068d ago
If people used mics like the people i play with, you can flank campers easy.
BlackTar187  +   1068d ago
i would love to see you flank a clan of good players who decide to camp to win.

Sorry im also not exactly disagreeing with you but on COD and Socoms and other games it would be hard to flank my clan if we are playing to win. Not that we would win the round anyways im just saying.
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klecser  +   1067d ago
Gaming will be pointless the day that sound logical strategy is deriled. This article represents something that is very wrong in the minds of gamers: The attitude that if someone uses a strategy that works against them that they cannot or will not adapt to, then the opponent using that strategy is somehow "cheating". It is the worst kind of playground immaturity.

This attitude that "camping" is such a negative thing is so pervasive that people will "worry" about campers in fast-paced kill count/point based games where there is no advantage whatsoever for camping. The fear of it makes people do dumb things.

Adapt or die.
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Hova91  +   1061d ago
Wow probably one of the nerdiest statements I ever heard in my life. Last I checked it's a game all of you who take it so serious that ruins it for everyone who just wants to go on and have fun instead of hiding around a corner waiting for the enemy to come to them. Remember in real life no cares about your w/l or k/d.
klecser  +   1060d ago
Remember that this is the internet, and you don't know me. You have no idea what I like and what I don't like and can't possibly judge what I find fun just based upon this one comment. I play games just for fun with the best of them. And aren't we browsing a video game news outlet? What the heck did you expect?

In my opinion and experience, people who complain about camping are really the "serious" ones who are having difficulty having fun. If they were having fun, why would they be so bothered by it? Watch someone who complains about camping and listen carefully to what they say. They are so "serious" about their fun that they refuse to accept any situation that doesn't give them an advantage.
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