Call of Duty: A Sales History

Welcome to this week’s edition of “A Sales History.” This week we will be taking a look at the sales history of the Cal of Duty franchise. Last week we looked at sales history of Mario Kart and the week before that Uncharted. If there is a particular franchise (no matter how obscure) you want to see the sales history for, requests are always welcome.

The Call of Duty franchise is a first person shooter, with two main developers Infinity Ward and Treyarch. The franchise has taken place in World War II, the Cold War, modern times, and Black Ops II set to release later this year will take place in the future.

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ATi_Elite2387d ago

Every Pub would love to have a franchise like COD sales figures wise.

360GamerFG2387d ago

People were saying the sales were dropping, clearly they are not, MW3 has already overtaken Black Ops 2 in less than a year!!
I only own MW4 but I do applaud these guys for making games that their fanbase enjoys.
How many publishers this generation can claim selling more than 10 million units of any particular game on a single console? Activision (Cod), Nintendo (everything lol) Microsoft (Halo 3). . .anyone else?