A Look Back at E3 2011's Biggest Disappearing Acts

GameSpot- You can always count on E3 to deliver an onslaught of flashy game demos and new game announcements, but whether or not those games arrive on store shelves within the next 12 months is a different story. Sometimes publishers don't like the reaction a game gets at E3 and decide to spend some time tweaking it, while in other cases a game has just been announced too soon and there's nothing much to show of it until the following year. Whatever the case, there are always a handful of games that completely fall off the map after E3. Let's explore a few such titles from 2011.

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Captain Tuttle2392d ago

Is The Last Guardian vaporware? Didn't Ueda leave Sony?

Wintersun6162392d ago

He's still working as a freelancer to finish the game. Santa Monica Studios is helping too so I believe we will get it eventually.

IQUITN4G2392d ago

There was a time when a game like Guardian would be only of benefit for Sony because they had every type of game gamers wanted- these types of games a minority of the install base like and that doesn't help Sony this gen