BagoCast: Episode 7 - Men in Black Epic Fail and E3 Jitters

In this week's Bagocast we discuss the games we're playing, we try desperately to stay on topic as we discuss the massive layoffs of 38 Studios, Men in Black: Alien Crisis, Will Smith the Diva, expected games to watch at E3, Jewish mothers and snobby rich kids named Amalur. Enjoy!

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Ajoyshop2392d ago

So sad what happened to 38 Studios.

pumpkinlord452392d ago

It was their bad judgment that made them go under. They made a pretty good amount of money off of Kingdoms of Amular.

WriterWhelp2392d ago

So I take it there won't be any DLC that allows me to see Will Smith in black lingerie?

Bagogames2392d ago

Wait, I thought that was already announced? :p

WriterWhelp2392d ago

Perhaps there is still hope for gaming, then.

jeremybtyler2392d ago

It really sucks about 38 Studios and Big Huge Games. I really hope their former employees land on their feet.

WriterWhelp2392d ago

In this economy?

It's unlikely. The entertainment industry is the one industry that's usually recession-proof and it's still faltering.

I'm genuinely worried about where this is all gonna end.

Bagogames2392d ago

38 Studios went under because they couldn't pay their bills. Is that a bad economy or bad management?

manlypile2392d ago

Why do video games keep teasing us with the idea of a digital Tommy Lee Jones, only to pull the rug out from under us at the last minute?

Orangeandwhite2392d ago

I would really like to see some movie games that are actually decent. Breaking the trends is always fun.

Ajoyshop2392d ago

So true! Spiderman is really the only movie game I could think of worth salt.

liberator232392d ago

Spiderman games actually look very good! The newer ones that stay true to the comics look very promising!

TheInterview2392d ago

I loved the older Playstation Spider-man games. Those were awesome.