What to expect from Microsoft at E3 2012: Xfinity with Xbox, Shadow Complex 2, Alan Wake 2

Dali Dimovski of writes: "Though Microsoft's focus with the Xbox at E3 will be based around its use as the entertainment hub of the home, several factors lead us to believe that huge announcements are in store. Alan Wake 2 and Shadow Complex 2 are possible game reveals, as is the idea of integrating the Xbox into more ISP DVRs. Oh yeah, and Pinterest on the dashboard."

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PerpetualMathx102391d ago

this is pretty good, some of my ideas agreed with the authors others not so much, but whos to say, it is anybody's guess as to how microsoft will handle their press conference. preferably without terrible openings by sub par bands or an orchestra like that weird nintendo press conference beginning at last years E3.

eagle212391d ago

That Nintendo orchestra was playing some of the best soundtracks from one of the BEST franchises celebrating 25 years. Trust me, microsoft doesn't have anything like're safe.


StrongMan2391d ago

No one bought Alan Wake or Shadow Complex so MS won't green light sequels for those games.

dark-hollow2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I guess am no one then...

RXL2391d ago

*puts sun glasses on*

i guess he suspects that you are indeed...


*puts sun glasses on*

back on topic:
i bought shadow complex and had a lot of fun with it...

JellyJelly2391d ago

@StrongMan - Don't be scared, homie.

cstyle2391d ago

wrong bro....those games did quite well.

ATi_Elite2391d ago

Alan Wake PC sold like Crazy! Made a profit within 24hrs.

Alan Wake 2 PC will be made.

Also Alan Wake 360 was pirated like 4 million times so if MS can lock that down NExt Gen Alan Wake 2 will be made.

cstyle2389d ago

Remedy has already started AW2 development. It was announced earlier this year.

2391d ago
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Vandamme212391d ago

What about Halo 4 ODLC lmao

vividi2391d ago

Shadow Complex 2 and Alan Wake 2 would be awesome, this, the sony conference and the wiiu are making me anxious and exited, yea I think this will be a great E3

southernbanana2391d ago

Alan Wake 2 would be great, but if the next Xbox is just around the corner I would love to see it on next gen hardware.

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