Video Game for Upcoming "Hobbit" Movie Announced

BNR: Excited for The Hobbit? Excellent- there's going to be a video game with your name on it coming out this autumn.

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deletingthis346753342303d ago

Movie licensed games usually suck and turn me off, but this game doesn't seem too bad on paper from what little details given. The PvP particularly has my interest. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Mikefizzled2303d ago

Please be better then LOTR Conquest, I beg of you.

TheColbertinator2303d ago

LOTR Return of the King was a decent game in the day.I miss the co-op most of all.

mafiahajeri2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

WOW I didn't expect this just hope its good as the Hobbit name deserves greatness. It sounds amazing and it has the potential to be the best ever PSN/LIVE game. I loved conquests MP it just needed more polish. I really hope this delivers as it would be a one of a kind MP game. I was hoping for a full retail game but something is better then nothing...

Jourdy2882303d ago

Yeah, this one's XBLA/PSN only, I wonder if there's going to be anything for PC/Wii U/handhelds. Time shall tell!