Barrel Roll Podcast #158 – “Beware the Brine” | writes, "The most dangerous being in Cassardis is not the huge, heart stealing dragon after all, but the infinite number of brine that live just below the water’s surface. There they wait for the unsuspecting traveler to go for a casual dip on a hot summers day. Then they pounce, devouring anything and everything they can get their microscopic mitts on.

In other words, most of the crew played Dragon’s Dogma this week. The crew being Jonah, Jesse, Wes, and the return of Adam Anania. Because fighting Tolkien-esk monsters in one game wasn’t enough, Wes and Jonah also tried their hand at the Tolkien themed “Lord of the Rings” based game, Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Here Jonah played as a Wizard for a change. He also did in Diablo 3 and Torchlight II, both of which he gave a whirl over the last few weeks.

Not to be outdone by sheer number of games played, Wes brings Max Payne 3, Doctor Who Adventure and Portal 2 to the table. He seems to enjoy them all and would recommend them for various audiences based on which ones are age and content appropriate, but that is really your call.

All this and more on Barrel Roll #158, “Beware the Brine”."

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