Games & Memes Comics - "Solid Snake's One Track Mind"

A comic strip series featuring meme characters. Snake can be a bit one-tracked sometimes...

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kB02215d ago

Is it me or is this not Solid Snake? It's Naked Snake...(Big Boss).

Might be wrong...

cpayne932215d ago

No your right... That's referencing a scene with from mgs 3.

llMurcielagoll2215d ago

Yep, that's definitely Big boss and Eva!

DJLB21152215d ago

man EVA had some tig ol bitties

DJLB21152215d ago

thanks im trying my arse off to get more bubbles lol but this site is full of haters sometimes. aven as big mama in mgs4 i woulda still hit that lol

kB02215d ago

Agreed, it seems like ppl just disagree my comment...what's there to disagree?


It's like saying the stop light is red and others disagreeing... sigh..