Wii-U Version Of NBA 2K13 In Development

TGH Writes: "Earlier today 2K Sports announced the release date of NBA 2K13 along with pre-order DLC and the available platforms. Wii-U version was mentioned in the press release."

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Rob9462390d ago

Not quite sure what NBA 2K would play like on the Wii-U but still. At least they are getting third party support

--Onilink--2390d ago

probably just regular gameplay with the button and the screen to show stats and stuff like that. Not all games must have a mind blowing use of the screen.

Maybe change players from the touchscreen without going to a pause menu or something like that

UConcord112390d ago

A smack in the vitas face? 2k available for PS3, 360, PSP, WII, and PC

no vita

THamm2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

All I was hoping for was a Vita version on par with the graphics of the home version, this sucks. I always figured NBA 2k12 would have been the Vita's killer app

DivineAssault 2390d ago

no1 knows what vita is getting until E3.. but this isnt a killer app for it... not everyone is interested in portable sports games.. it would help but vita needs its own unique titles

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2390d ago

This could be bigger than a lot of people make it out to be. 2K games on WiiU could signal a change in Take-Two's policy toward the Nin. Maybe GTA will be entrusted to the system.

Jagsrock2390d ago

The Wii U tablet could actually be a real game changer here without really doing too much other than displaying, subs, coaching options, plays and stats. It would clean up the game screen considerably and make using plays and subbing much more functionally. Looking forward to this!