Hot E3 2012 Deal: Pre-Order Any 3 Games, Get The 4th Free On All $49.99 And Up Titles

Future Shop has revealed the deal that they will have going on this year during E3, and it involves pre-ordering any 3 games to get the 4th one free.

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BringingTheThunder2388d ago

i think i'll be pre-ordering about 8 games: halo, black ops, gta v, medal of honor, bioshock, tomb raider, forza horizon, resi6.

that number might even jump to 12 during E3!

TrendyGamers2388d ago

it's a great time to pre-order games you know you will end up buying.

BringingTheThunder2388d ago

better then paying the full 60

BringingTheThunder2387d ago

i forgot about playstation allstars, lbp karting, the last of us and new super mario bros wiiu

Criminal2388d ago

Getting GTA V, Black Ops II, Medal of Honor for sure, so the forth has to be hmmm maybe Far Cry 3.

TrendyGamers2388d ago

Halo 4 would be my 4th and I'd probably throw Resident Evil 6 in there somewhere.

Relientk772387d ago

Hmmm to do this deal I would need money lol

Gamer problems

TrendyGamers2387d ago

You should pre-order games that don't come out for awhile so you can save up.

shodan742387d ago

Well, there's certainly plenty of great upcoming titles to choose from.

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