Vita Becomes A Kindle

Recent reports on MCV suggest that Sony are planning to transform both the PS3 & Vita into eBook devices through their eBook initiative – we should hear more at E3.

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PirateThom2387d ago

Kindle app on Vita is my most wanted feature right now.

Snookies122387d ago

Wow, I never even thought about a feature like that, but this sounds really awesome!

darthv722387d ago

it seems like a no brainer to add in support for features that are thriving on other devices.

Be it a kindle app or nook app I really think an e-reader app is well warranted.

ABizzel12387d ago

I did, and sent it to them in an email.

I also thought Sony should make PS Home spaces that feature educational games to get more PS3's into the classroom and potentially into family homes.

Also PS Home needs to use an interface similar to the PS Vita were you simply click on the icon or link you want to go to, then it transports you to a realized world like PS Home currently is.

PS Home mixed with the interface and seamless flow of PS Vita should be the new OS for the PS4 and forward. It's innovative, it's new, it's attention grabbing, it's a casual gamer pleaser, and it's something they already have.

Trenta272387d ago

My most wanted feature? Games.

PirateThom2387d ago

I'm good for games, still haven't finished Lumines, Rayman, Motorstorm, Escape Plan, StarDust or picked up WipEout and Unit 13 but I have Gravity Rush and MGSHD both paid off on pre-order... so, yeah, Kindle app.

TBM2387d ago

hmm i was just talking about this same thing at work this week with one of my friends. the screen is bigger than my phone and i dont have to spend money on a ereader because this would make the vita all in one.

plays great games, and on occasion read a book or two perfect. i made the right choose buying the vita.

fluffydelusions2387d ago

More like convenient IMO. A kindle app is on pretty much every smartphone and tablet. This is more a layer of convenience than anything new and "amazing"

a_bro2387d ago

this is why they got rid of the comic book store.

snake-OO2387d ago

ebooks on vita sounds ok but really who would read an ebook on their 40inch unless the ebook have some interactive features.

ApolloAdams2387d ago

This is kinda pointless. Get a Kindle Fire?

Machioto2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

It makes the vita more flexible device.

@rage the ps vita screen is 5 inches wide I think half the size of an iPad,so it won't be that bad.

@mon This was reported 1 day ago and akuma was being sarcastic.

Hicken2386d ago

... if I have a Vita and DON'T have a Kindle Fire, WHY would I go out and BUY a Kindle Fire when I could have the Kindle app on my Vita?

And my Vita fits in my pockets(tight fit, depending on the pants). A Kindle doesn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.