Quantic Dream’s New Title Is Infraworld?

According to the amazing Superannuation a French actress and TV presenter named Priscilla Liaud noted work with a Quantic Dream project due for release in 2013 in her biography.

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shadowwizard2386d ago

I don't care what it's going to be, I just know it will be freaking good.

Crazyglues2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

oh yea... LoL

-if it Looks anything like the trailer it should be Amazing


neutralgamer192386d ago

Many believed the Heavy Rain videos of gameplay were mocked up and alot of smoke and mirrors because their consoles could not produce such epic graphics and gameplay but it was indeed true. A surreal experience and im looking forward to whatever Quantum throws our way.

CGI-Quality2386d ago

Agreed. Many were silenced with that release, but you'll have a few that will still attempt to question it.

Fortunately, no matter what they unveil at E3, it will all be running on the PS3. :)

neutralgamer192386d ago

Yes that is why i support Sony so much their about substance and actually showing you devs playing during their presentations, not bs actors and a curcis show to cover up a games mediocrity.

StrongMan2386d ago

And they don't have to give away free PS3s to the audience at E3 to make up for their lackluster showing.

Menashe2386d ago

That would be awesome.

T-What2386d ago

I cant wait, I really hope The actually show David Cages next game at E3, both of them would be even better:)

r212386d ago

same here man, loved Heavy Rain :D

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